3 Steps To Create More Incredible Experiences In Your Life

3 Steps To Create More Incredible Experiences In Your Life

Why do some people seem so much luckier than others?

Does it ever feel like you’re living the same year over and over again while other people are living exciting, edge of their seats, fun, wild adventures?

I used to feel that way. Until recently. Now I feel like I’m consciously creating TONS of epic adventures in my life.

And I believe it’s our God given right to live this life as we choose. Having as much fun as possible. Finding all the joy along the journey that we can muster.

If you want more epic, fun, exciting experiences in your life, here are the simple steps you can take to create MORE incredible experiences in your life.

Step 1. Ask for them.

Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want. I love to announce and declare how much I love to travel. I also don’t give in to the common American way of thinking that the harder we work and the less we live the more we’re winning at life. If you want epic experiences you have to ask for them. Be bold. Get out there and announce and declare the life you want to have. If it includes luxury, tropical trips, family time, romance, adventure. Whatever it is YOU want, ASK FOR IT. Don’t be shy. Don’t be afraid. Put it out there.

Step 2. Allow it.

Now you have to get keen to the art of allowing. Which boils down to being happy. The happier and more grateful you are for your life right now. The more epic stuff that will come to you. So just how happy can you be?! You don’t have to be doing epic exciting stuff to be happy. You can be happy doing anything that makes you happy. Be happy riding a bike. Be happy laying in the grass. Be happy listening to music. What makes ME happy will be totally different from what makes YOU happy. So do what makes YOU happy. Think of it as a magic elixir to epic experiences. Happiness breads epic experiences.

Step 3. Say YES

I guarantee you that you’ve had multiple incredible experiences that you have allowed to pass you buy. I recently got invited to an epic wedding in Austin Texas. It was the weekend before I was leaving for Europe for one of my all time favorite conferences Awesomeness Fest. My first thought, “Oh my God, I HAVE to go to this!” My second immediate thought was,“Oh shoot, I can’t, I’m going out of town the next weekend.” I was allowing the typical Mom guilt of leaving my kids to prevail over my decision, but it kept calling me. “GO TO THIS WEDDING”.

What is the point in creating epic awesome experiences if you don’t take advantage of them? We have to say YES to those amazing experiences when they come our way. And by saying yes we create more of them. Happiness creates epic experiences and epic experiences lead to more epic experiences. When your heart says yes, don’t let your head explain it away. SAY YES and make create more memories, create more beauty, create more amazing experiences in your life today. Isn’t that what life is all about?!

What can you say YES to today?


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