Are You Ready for a Next Level Life? (This is not for everyone!)

Are You Ready for a Next Level Life? (This is not for everyone!)

next level life mastermindMy Next Level Life Mastermind is not for everyone. Women have to meet certain criteria to even be considered. Why?

Because this work isn’t easy. And it’s not for beginners.

This work is a full investment. In mind, body and soul.

Here are some of the prerequisites to join this sisterhood:

  • You must be inspiring or have an inspirational mission
  • You must have done a lot of work on yourself already, and achieved great success in many areas of your life
  • You must have coached with me one on one, or in my group or have read my book
  • You must believe in yourself and desire a healthy lifestyle
  • You must be willing to dream F’ING HUGE and desire to make a big impact on your family, community, and the world
  • You must have strong desires and big challenges, not willing to take the easy road
  • You must be fun and willing to let go, stay open and be coachable
  • You must understand the power of commitment, and be ALL IN with this sisterhood
  • You must come from love, power, and certainty, not fear and lack
  • You must be willing to put aside things that no longer serve you and take ACTION ACTION ACTION

This program takes great women who have already achieved a lot of success in life, to extraordinary places. It forces results that you would have never had had you not committed to this. And it creates more transformation than you could have ever imagined possible.

Listen to a past participant:


This is big work we’re up to. And you have to be up for it.

If you’re longing for MORE. If you’re ready to step up and actually achieve it. I encourage you to apply.

Buckle your seat belt. This ride is about to get a whole lot more fun!!!

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