People don’t like that I’m so positive and happy….

People don’t like that I’m so positive and happy….

People don’t like that I’m so positive and happy. It triggers a lot of people. And I get it. People are turned off by my Facebook posts. People think I’m ‘way too happy’.

People just immediately check out when they start following me. They think it’s not real. Someone commented begrudgingly the other day “easy for you… your life is so effortless”.  I really do get it. I get how it can seem that way.

What they don’t know is, it took A LOT of work to have this effortless life.

  • They don’t know that I’ve done hundreds of hours of training to learn how to control my thoughts.
  • They don’t know that my husband drank and used drugs for many years in our relationship before finally getting sober? (Not an easy road….)
  • They don’t know that I’ve spent around 20-30K a year on my personal growth.
  • I’ve been to 88 conferences and counting in the last 20 years.
  • They don’t know that I’ve been on a Mediterranean Cruise with Mike Dooley, a Hay House Cruise in the Bahamas. I’ve been to 8 Afests, and 8 Celebrate Your Life Conferences. I did Landmark, the Institute for Self Actualization, Abraham Hicks workshops, Unleash the Power Within, Imago Therapy, The Gift and Lifebook.
  • They don’t know that I’m a trained Enneagram Master, a Passion Test facilitator and a Byron Katie “The Work” teacher.
  • They don’t know that I’ve taken so many online parenting courses I can’t count them all.
  • They don’t know that I’ve read at least 12 books a year for the last 15 years. (And ALL I read is personal growth and empowerment material)
  • They don’t know that I’ve formed and run over 15 mastermind and accountability groups. And have paid to participate in over a dozen.
  • They don’t know that I do affirmations, I work on my thoughts, I meditate, I have a gratitude practice and I visualize. DAILY.
  • They don’t know that I eat healthy, I exercise and I take a shit ton of supplements. DAILY.
  • They don’t know that my son was born 7 weeks early and cried for the first 5 months of his life. (The best lesson I’ve ever had in unconditional love and acceptance. And where I learned my own personal power.)
  • They don’t know that my sister died when I was 11 years old to launch my lifelong journey learning how to move through loss.

This happy life is not effortless. It takes work. But it’s WORTH IT. Because the results are a crazy happy, insanely fulfilling, effortless life.

I no longer believe I need to suffer.
I no longer believe my thoughts of lack or drama or negativity.
I no longer feel unworthy and like I’m not enough.

You can bet your ass that self-destructive behavior is doing 1 arm push-ups in the corner getting stronger by the day. Just waiting for me to let my guard down. But I know I’ve got this. Because I’ve done the f’ing work. So yes, this ‘effortless’ life takes work. And it’s YOURS too if you want it.

You CAN create a reality you love.

You CAN create an effortless life.

It starts with our thoughts.

Creating your NEXT LEVEL LIFE isn’t just possible, it’s PROBABLE with the right kind of support, accountability, and know-how. My Next Level Mastermind isn’t simply a 6 month long coaching program, it’s a soul-searching, goal-planning, and shit-ton-of-action-taking mastermind. We start in May and the time to apply is now.  
There’s nothing I love more.

Be effortless,



Are You Ready for a Next Level Life? (This is not for everyone!)

Are You Ready for a Next Level Life? (This is not for everyone!)

next level life mastermindMy Next Level Life Mastermind is not for everyone. Women have to meet certain criteria to even be considered. Why?

Because this work isn’t easy. And it’s not for beginners.

This work is a full investment. In mind, body and soul.

Here are some of the prerequisites to join this sisterhood:

  • You must be inspiring or have an inspirational mission
  • You must have done a lot of work on yourself already, and achieved great success in many areas of your life
  • You must have coached with me one on one, or in my group or have read my book
  • You must believe in yourself and desire a healthy lifestyle
  • You must be willing to dream F’ING HUGE and desire to make a big impact on your family, community, and the world
  • You must have strong desires and big challenges, not willing to take the easy road
  • You must be fun and willing to let go, stay open and be coachable
  • You must understand the power of commitment, and be ALL IN with this sisterhood
  • You must come from love, power, and certainty, not fear and lack
  • You must be willing to put aside things that no longer serve you and take ACTION ACTION ACTION

This program takes great women who have already achieved a lot of success in life, to extraordinary places. It forces results that you would have never had had you not committed to this. And it creates more transformation than you could have ever imagined possible.

Listen to a past participant:


This is big work we’re up to. And you have to be up for it.

If you’re longing for MORE. If you’re ready to step up and actually achieve it. I encourage you to apply.

Buckle your seat belt. This ride is about to get a whole lot more fun!!!

If you want MORE I totally get it…

If you want MORE I totally get it…

First of all…it’s OK.

It’s OK to want MORE.  Even as a mom with amazing kids it’s OK to WANT MORE. Now that that’s out of the way… (step aside mom guilt) I have MORE to say.

You also don’t need to settle for LESS.
Yep.  I said it.  STOP SETTLING.

Stop settling for less joy
Stop settling for overwhelm
Stop settling for a relationship that’s not as romantic as you want it to be
Stop settling in a space where you yell every damn day
Stop settling for a job you don’t love
Stop living in a  house you don’t love
Stop eating food you don’t love
Stop living a life where you’re settling for less than you DESERVE

Ut oh, now we’re opening up a whole new can of worms…here come the unworthy thoughts and feelings. I get it. You are not alone!

But deep down inside I WANT MORE.  And even deeper down I KNOW I DESERVE MORE. If you know that too.  Then it’s time.

It’s time to expect MORE!  

MORE out of life!
MORE from your health.   
MORE from your relationships.
MORE from your parenting.
MORE from yourself.
MORE laughter.
MORE balance.

See, we KNOW we are in control. But this Mom journey sometimes has us feeling WAY out of control.

And its time to take back control.

Because WE create our THOUGHTS.
And our INTENTIONS create our REALITY.

It’s that simple. Not easy. But that simple. In my Next Level Life Mastermind, we take back control.

Of our WORDS
Of our negative SELF-TALK
Of our STATE

Because THIS is the type of Mom that we want to BE.
THIS is the type of Mom our kids deserve.
THIS is the type of mom who’s living a life we’re all striving for.
THIS is the type of Mom the world needs more of.

In the Next Level Life Mastermind sisterhood, together, we commit to fulfilling our giant, soul-driven missions, and we firmly hold a vision for each other that  EXCEEDS our wildest dreams in every area of our life.

Not only do we believe we can have it all.  We believe we can have it all… and MORE.

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