Be Grateful Everyday

Be Grateful Everyday

These moments.

This precious life.

It all goes by way too fast.

And we’ll never have them again.

There will be so many “last times.”

The last time we carry them up the stairs.

The last time they climb in our bed.

The last time we tell our mom we love her.

The last time we wave to that neighbor.

The last time we have dinner with that beloved friend.

The last time we hold our lovers’ hand.

We never know when each of these “last times” will be.

When we recognize that each precious moment is fleeting and that they may not happen again, then we can treasure them a little more.

A Powerful Way to Live

Recognizing the brevity of time forces us to live in the present moment.   By not taking TIME for granted we can have gratitude for that moment.

Because when it’s gone, it’s gone.

This was a game changer for me. When I grasped this concept I started going B.I.G. every morning.

Begin. In. Gratitude.

I started thanking my life for my life daily, expressing conscious gratitude for everything and everyone in it. The minute I opened my eyes, gratitude became the first item of my morning routine. Now, I start the day in gratitude and end the day in gratitude.

I’m SO grateful on this day of Thanksgiving, and for this life.

For my family. For my kids. For John. For my body. My breath. My friends. My house. My passion. My purpose. My gifts. My lessons. Everything. I’m grateful today and every day.



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