Saturday’s are amazing … and awful.

Saturday’s are amazing … and awful.

My husband works all day on Saturdays. He always has. I used to hate Saturdays.

There were always explosions. And fighting. The house gets so messy. I get bored. And feel needy. And sad. With no adults to connect with. (Seriously even just one day it can hit me hard.)

But now I really love Saturdays. Not a lot has changed. Only my mindset. AND I’m much more proactive about my day instead of reactive.

So now Saturdays FEEL better. And so they are better.

The kids still fight. They still have explosions. (My son told me he hated me today and that I’m the worst mom ever.) The house is still a mess and I still get lonely.

But I don’t hate it. I love it. I totally embrace it. And really look forward to it. I plan out my day more intentionally. Schedule play dates. Get a sitter for a quick workout. Have some me time.

And because I’m in a better place I have a totally different mindset. And then I’m prepared to control my reaction when my son says he hates me because I asked him to stop playing Fort Nite.

Ahh the adventures of parenting. I love every minute of this roller coaster. I wouldn’t change a thing.

If you want to shift your mindset start with your state. And your morning routine. I have a quick and easy free video training for you:

6 Keys To An Ideal Mastermind/Accountability Group

6 Keys To An Ideal Mastermind/Accountability Group

Most people don’t know that I’ve been leading mastermind groups for over 20 years.

My first mastermind/accountability group was an actors group that I started just out of college. I put together this group (before the internet mind you…) to surround myself with other actors. (Since I didn’t really know any) And to hold me accountable to submit to agents and search for auditions etc. It totally transformed my life. I achieved everything I wanted in my acting career at that time, thanks to that group. And make some amazing friends along the way who I’m still in touch with. (You know who you are…)  😀

Then I used the mastermind/accountability mind to improve MANY other areas of my life….

  • Health and fitness (currently doing one now)
  • My Love Relationship (always working on this one)
  • My Parenting
  • My Business (SO SO POWERFUL)

I wouldn’t have all I have in this life without masterminds and accountability groups.

I started an accountability group in 2012 with some Afest/Lifebook friends who held me accountable for some MASSIVE personal and professional growth and expansion. And that’s how I launched my happiness coaching business.

I joined an accountability group right before I launched my book. And thank God, because without them I don’t think I would have met my deadlines.

Accountability is POWERFUL. It can get you unstuck. Help you refocus. And move you powerfully forward.

Often with accountability, you can accomplish more in 8 weeks than you would in 4 months. Imagine what your year would look like if you had more accountability to catapult your success and progress in ANY areas of your life.

In 20+ years of experience and research, I’ve discovered what the BEST accountability groups and mastermind groups need.

(I believe it’s best to combine the 2 first and foremost. A mastermind without accountability is not as strong. And vice versa)

Here’s what an IDEAL Mastermind group contains:

  1. The right curated amazing people.

You have to have people who were hand selected and have some things in common. A random group of ‘like-minded’ people is not as powerful as carefully curated people who all have similar goals and interests. I have a list of 10 criteria women need to have to work in my masterminds. And it’s been a game changer.

  1. Excellent content

A group without content is hard to keep engaged. Including excellent and engaging content either weekly or monthly helps to fuel the group.

  1. Collaboration

When the right group is put together everyone in it will have a lot to contribute. That’s why collaboration is key. Each person in the group should contribute in some way. And share their genius. In the right group, everyone is an expert. There may be 1 leader but it’s always a collaboration. And allowing participants to take on different roles helps a lot too.

  1. Commitment

Whether it’s verbal or written there has to be some solid rules for commitment. Being really clear and specific is important. Letting the group know what they’re committing to and getting their agreement. Preferably signed in blood. 😄 (It’s that important). If even 1 person isn’t as committed as the rest it can fall apart.

  1. Consistency

You have to show up. And you have to play by the rules to be on the team. If you’re not gonna show up to practice, don’t expect to play in the game. You have to decide on the ‘rules’ and the consistency. Weekly works best for most groups, but bi-weekly or monthly can be effective too. It all depends on who’s in the group and what you’re all after.

  1. Opportunity for in-person connection

The one thing I think that puts a group over the top, if you have all of the above, is an opportunity to connect in person. When you start a mastermind/accountability group and you can look into each other’s eyes and commit to one another. That can be a game changer. We often do more for others than we’ll even do for ourselves. So when you commit in person to help someone else hold true to their dream. You will be held true to yours. It’s a really powerful piece.

next level life mastermindI have a Next Level Mastermind group for ambitious driven women starting June 11th.

It contains EVERYTHING mentioned above and MORE. Oh so much more. 🙂 Our “Fall In Love Retreat” to kick off 8 weeks of ass-kicking accountability is June 21-24. I have a few spots left. If you want this level of accountability in your life, this might be a great fit for you. Apply here.

Use the 6 elements of an ideal mastermind group above and watch your life soar to the next level.

This shit really works! Who agrees? Let’s hang out!  😀



We do MORE for others than we’ll do for ourselves.

This is an important concept to embrace. When you’re aware of it you can use it to your advantage.

I’ve used accountability to shape my life for over 20 years. From health to career to love to parenting. You name it. I’ve tried it. I find a friend or create a group and make shit happen. Sometimes it’s a friend who needs it. If a friend I love and adore has been struggling to create something I hold them accountable. I think it’s one of the most loving things we can do for each other.

It’s pretty simple. And really powerful.

Where do you need to be held accountable? And who can do that for you?