Mastering Your Mindset

Mastering Your Mindset

If you’re a Mom I think you can relate to this story…  It happened to me a few years ago.

I was going in for my son’s first-grade parent-teacher conference.

I walked into the school, my head spinning with thoughts of doubt. I was skeptical about putting my son into public school from the beginning.  

I had these limiting beliefs that public school wouldn’t work for him, and unfortunately, I had these beliefs and thoughts enough that they started playing out.

He wasn’t having a great first-grade experience. During this conference, the teacher began telling me what my son was doing wrong, and how disappointed she was in him, how he didn’t try hard enough and had too much energy. She proceeded to tell me how “kids like him needed to be on medication” (which is something that legally teachers can’t tell parents).

Unfortunately, I started getting quite upset, pissed off actually, and then I exploded on her… “I don’t think there is anything wrong with my son, I think there is something wrong with you” – I just went off on her. I freaked out.

You see what happened there?  My anger trumped everything.

My anger took over and it transformed the entire situation. It was no longer her fault, it was now mine.

My anger and eruption overpowered what she had done (which in my eyes was clearly wrong). And now here I was, the one who needed to apologize. I was the one who lost control. So it was now my fault.

Anger puts us in a place where we are no longer focussing on the original issue, we are now apologizing for our anger and that becomes the issue.  

This epic mom-fail made me realize how badly I needed to master my mindset.

I want to share with you 4 Transformational Tips that helped me to put my anger to rest and master my thoughts, words, and emotions. Watch this video for a face to face inside scoop! 👇

#1 Awareness is the master of discipline. 

You can’t shift your shit if you don’t know what you need to shift. You must know where your negative thoughts are coming from, and know that you’re setting a negative mindset. Know that you CAN step out of these overwhelming thoughts.

We have to know where our negative thoughts are coming from, we have to know why we’re focussing on these anxieties and that we’re setting these negative mindsets by complaining and basking in our negative habits.

We have to know all of the dirty thoughts are creating these messy lives that we don’t want to live in, and we have to know that our overwhelm thoughts are creating more overwhelm. We have to know what pieces of our mind we need to shift to successfully shift our lives.

#2  Anger trumps everything.

It runs the show and it takes over. We can’t take control back until we can control our reactions and our anger.

When we’re in a situation with our children, and they’re doing something wrong and we respond with anger, that anger we display trumps their behavior (meaning that nothing else that happened matters anymore once we’ve gone off our rails).

When you master your mindset you will mastering your emotions as well and you will no longer be so quick to explode and respond with anger

#3 We are in control.

When we truly claim that and take responsibility we can change it! We are in control of our thoughts, our emotions, and our triggers. Our thoughts are the light switch to our emotions. When we’re aware we are in control we can make change.

My thoughts when I was sitting in this conference were “they don’t get my son”, “he’s not meant to be here”, “nobody understands him”, and “I knew this was going to happen”. “This teacher is awful”.

My thoughts created this trigger that flipped the light switch to my emotions.

When we control our thoughts, the thoughts can create a reality around what we DO want.

This is good news!

There is no puppeteer up there, we don’t have to feel like a victim to our own thoughts. We are in control. We can start directing our subconscious thoughts. It’s like muscle memory, and we can create the habit

Something I like to do is use a cancel process. A cancel process is when you cancel the negative thought and replace it with a positive thought.

Now when I have a thought of “oh my son isn’t meant for public school”, my thought becomes “My son is thriving”.  You see, he wasn’t really having a negative experience, I was living a negative experience through him.

My anger trumped all.

I apologized to this teacher and told her “I am so sorry and this has nothing to do with you, and everything to do with me”. He is having a really good experience, it was all of my stuff that I was spurging onto this teacher.

When I look back at this I think about how I could’ve handled it better. I should’ve said I’m going to need to end this conference and pick up where we left off tomorrow and said “here is where things went wrong for me”. That would’ve been so much better.

When you feel like you’re in a place where your heart rate is pumping and you NEED to say something that is usually when you need to take a step back and think on things.

I am in control of my triggers, I am in control of my emotions, and I am in control of my mindset.

A trigger is like a thorn under your skin, and we expect nobody to bump into us and hit our triggers.. But it’s not the world’s job not to trigger us. It’s ours.

It’s our job to be in control of our thoughts, emotions, triggers, and DIG IT UP.

Change your perception, and change your world.

# 4 What you think about, and focus on you get more of.

The more I thought about my son not working in public school, the more I saw that. So I started thinking about him thriving, I started thinking about him feeling understood and having great social and emotional education there.

What you set your mind on you’ll get more of! That’s why I think this mindset work is SO important.

Are you ready to master your mindset?

bad momI hope that you’ll join me, I have a Badass Mom Mindset Online Retreat happening August 21st. It is 21 days long, as it takes 21 days to build a habit. For 21 straight days, we are going to share and grow together.

I am going to share tips and tools, and we are going to go through these steps as a community. There will be a secret Badass Mom Mindset facebook group.


Some of the things we are going to go over are:


>How to stay positive when you’re around a lot of negativity

> How to remove your triggers for good

> The mindset around our excuses, our negative intentions, our unreasonable expectations, negative self-talk, our limiting fears and beliefs about being a mom that become a root of all these triggers and limits and things that hold us back from living a life we really love.

> 5-10 min videos/audios every day to raise your life to next level! Little by little, a little becomes A LOT.

And SO much more! Let me show you.

I can’t wait to see you there!



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Our life is made up of our daily habits.

I’m at a fun and inspiring conference in Jamaica this week.

It’s easy at these events to stay up late at the parties. Drink too much. Sleep in. Eat dessert. Daily.

But that won’t get me where I want to be. Investing in my optimal health and fitness has to be non-negotiable.

My daily habits have to be aligned with the greatest vision I have of who I want to be.

What daily habits do you need to shift?

#dothework #worthit



Are you an “obliger”?

My coach asked me that a few years ago.

What do you mean? I asked.

And before she could answer ALL of my “obliging” came flooding back to me. Like a movie reel. I could see time and time again how I went out of my way to “oblige” other people. Never putting myself first.

It’s been a long obliging road.

Even as a young girl I would make nice and didn’t want to make waves.

After college I had a boyfriend who lived in Colorado. He was older than me. When I was traveling in Europe he cheated on me. He said he was with this girl because she had to release her Chee.

(Barf)Not kidding. This really happened.

And I obliged. “Oh that’s ok. I understand”.


I broke up with him a few months later in a letter. Telling him that he was just too much for me. That I was meant for a more simple life and he was meant for greatness. It was the only way an obliger could get out. So I obliged. God forbid I hurt his feelings.

I’ve obliged my way through partnerships that no longer served me.

Through jobs that I should have left years ago.

In relationships that had run their course.

In friendships that were clearly meant for a season not a lifetime.

Even obliging others who I’ve loaned big amounts of money but I don’t want to ask them about it for fear that it might hurt their feelings. Seriously?!

I’m an obliger. Clearly.

And what that means to me now is that I need more boundaries.

I need more self love. I need to put myself first and need to oblige ME.

When I can do that I can consciously create a life I DO want. Not one that’s dictated by other people agendas.

It’s an uphill climb. But with awareness my obliging others habit doesn’t stand a chance.

Are you an obliger? Where do you need to create more boundaries in your life?