A Quick Shift and a Powerful Process to Attract What You Want in Your Life

A Quick Shift and a Powerful Process to Attract What You Want in Your Life

I hope you’re all doing ok friends. I wanna teach you a process I’ve used for over 20 years. This process can help you shift your state in the moment if you’re feeling fear or overwhelm or worry. And..it can help you align with the reality you DO want and attract it into your life. This process called a “future pull” can be worked into your everyday life. (I do it in the shower.)

You can practice it by visualizing what you’re excited to experience after we’re on the other side of this pandemic. I share some fun examples in this vid. And fun ways you can do it.


I hope this helps you find more peace and joy!

I’d love to hear what YOU’RE excited to do when you can live life outside again! Reply to this post and let me know.

Stay safe. Stay healthy. Stay positive. #wevegotthis

A New Story is Yours to Write

A New Story is Yours to Write

Our reality starts by writing a new story.

I have found what works. I have the tools. I have the sisterhood. I have the support and the coaching and this is making a difference.  One big thing for me to create the life that I love is to believe that it’s possible.

I have to believe that what I’m doing is going to work, that I deserve it, that I am worthy.  Belief is the masterpiece that’s under all of those categories.

Belief is so important.

We’re going down a new path and thinking new thoughts:

  • I am healthy
  • I’m healing
  • I’ve got this
  • I believe in myself
  • I can do this
  • I am worthy
  • I am deserving
  • I am enough.

And guess what happens?

The neurons in your brain begin to fire towards something new and positive and exciting.

Did you know that a positive, healthy thought is 100 times more powerful than a negative thought?  There is a spirit and energy to your thoughts and when we deliberately insert new, positive ones, we can re-wire our own thinking. We’re creating new neurological pathways, and new mental and emotional pathways every day.

I would like you to start thinking about what you really want in your lifetime.

What does your new meadow look like?

What do you want to create for yourself?  Who do you want to be(come)?  What would you like to DO? What would YOU like to have?

Write it down in your journal.  Reach for the stars.  Make your meadow as beautiful as you possibly can.

I would love to help you on the journey.

Give me 12 weeks–and together, we’ll write your new story. You are worth it. You deserve it.
Just listen to these badass mamas share their breakthroughs.

Get ALL the details 👇


On Getting What You Want

On Getting What You Want

In college, my roommate applied for a college program at Walt Disney World. It sounded awesome so I applied too.  They came to EIU to interview everyone and I still remember what I wore for the interview.  I wore a white turtleneck and a red sweater. 

I had a great interview. The women I interviewed with seemed to love me.

A few weeks later, we got a letter. My roommate was accepted and I WAS NOT.

What?! I was shocked.

How could they not accept me? I was totally Disney material. I’d already been planning on doing the job. The minute I’d heard about applying for the program, I considered it done.

Clearly, they weren’t on board with my plan.

I remember getting mad. And then sad. I even threw myself a mini pity party. F them. They don’t know what they’re missing!!!

And then it hit me.

They really don’t know what they’re missing.

So I called to tell them. I talked to everyone who would listen. I explained that I was Disney material. That this must have been a mistake. That I was already planning on it. That I would work SO hard. They would be so happy if they hired me.

I begged. I pleaded. I stated my case.

And you know what happened next? They hired me.

They finally gave in. And said “Fine. Come on down.”

I did not take “NO” for an answer.  I followed my heart, stepped up with courage and made my dream come true.

It was a great lesson in going after and getting what you want.

Nothing is ever impossible.

What do you want? Can you go after it?