3 Tips To Eliminate Holiday Overwhelm

3 Tips To Eliminate Holiday Overwhelm

I hope you’re having a great holiday season already. It’s going by so fast. I’m decorating my house and my friends helped me. Thank God for my friends because I wouldn’t know what to do. I would just have a bunch of red Christmas pillows and that’s it.

Instead, thanks to my friend Liz at Two Story Farm House, I have all these gorgeous things and my mantel with beautiful pompoms hanging. I mean, who knew that you could hang pompoms from your mantle and it would look so cute! I’m putting up some really cute stockings and more stuff to come. It’s amazing!

Decorating for the holidays for me is like a month long because decorating isn’t easy and I needed more things. I needed more things that I really love and to get rid of some old things that I didn’t love.

So I wanted to talk quickly about some tips and tools of how you can shift out of over-whelm and really enjoy the holidays more.

These are some really simple things, but for me, they’re still kind of smack on the head, ‘Oh my God, why didn’t I do that sooner?’

Tip 1: Get Everything Into Your Calendar.

Every. little. detail. Goes into your calendar.

For example, my husband texted me and said we should order some things for Christmas Eve dinner. So I put it in the calendar for Monday at 11:00 AM.

Every. little. thing.

  • We’re dropping off some gifts at this wonderful organization today.
  • We have a family that we bought gifts for and we’re delivering them today between five and nine.
  • Take my daughter to ballet at 5:15.

So putting everything on the calendar is a big important thing.

I know it sounds silly, but I even put in my calendar when I want to reach out to my sister in law and invite her to Christmas Eve.

When things live in our head, it can feel so overwhelming. That’s where so much overwhelm comes from. So putting everything in your calendar or on paper really helps.

I have notes in my phone about people that I need to call or dinners that I want to schedule or my gift list – everything.

Overwhelm is a state of mind, but it also comes from all of the things being only up in your head.

Tip 2: Get in the Right State Every Morning.

I know I talk about this a lot, but it’s been a process for me to learn over many years. But now it’s something that I don’t miss.

Get in the right state every morning by listening to music and doing a meditation, doing some affirmations, doing a gratitude list or whatever fills you up.

During the holidays it’s so much more important to do things in the morning that get you in the right state.

You want to show up as your best self instead of frazzled and busy. I mean, if you’re a mom, you’re taking on 90-95 percent of the work, maybe 98 percent of the work. You’re doing it all so your state matters.

So do everything you can first thing in the morning to really fill you up and get into the most peaceful state possible. Then you can be ready for any of the challenges that might come your way.

Tip 3: Ask for help.

Outsource that shit as much as you can.

  • I asked my friends to come over and help me decorate and Liz showed up with things from her store and helped me decorate.
  • I asked my friend Andy to come over and help me decorate and she helped put things together.
  • I’m asking my friends to do some shopping for me.
  • I’m asking my assistant to help me with buying some of the gifts.

There’s so much that we can ask for help with and outsource.

I know we all want to be supermom. I know we all want to say that we’ve done it all, but why?

I mean if I can, I will. I love hosting things and having everyone bring something because then I have the house to host. I can have drinks and appetizers and everyone brings something. I can handle that.

On Christmas Eve I’m actually going to cook. I’m going to ask my friend Jen, who’s my most amazing chef and friend, what to do. Right? I’m going to ask her for help. I’m not going to try and do it all by myself.

Ask for help with shopping.

Ask for help with your parties.

Ask for help with everything.

I hope you’re having an awesome holiday,



I have a Happier Moms for the Holidays Challenge going on right now. There are hundreds of women signed up. We have six days worth of short videos with a challenge each day all around the same topic of how you can get out of overwhelm and step into what really matters most to create your happiest holidays ever.

So I hope you will join me for that. It’s totally free.

Busy Is Our B!tch.

Busy Is Our B!tch.

Life gets busy.

Like crazy busy.

But here’s a secret.

It’s our thoughts and not the circumstances we find ourselves under that bring us stress.

Even when our plate is so full that it feels like we might crumble or like we just might not make it…

We will.

Even when it feels impossible to get it all done…

We manage to do it. All of it.

We always do don’t we?

Our thoughts can get so stressful.

“I can’t do it all.”

“It’s too much.”

“I don’t have enough time”

“I need more support.”

Those thoughts are the enemy.

Reclaim your time.

Here’s what I do to get rid of those negative thoughts and take back my time.

  • Write everything down – every little detail.
  • Keep a running list of the things that pop up that have been missed or are looming.
  • Schedule time in your calendar to do them.
  • Don’t just think about it. Book the sitter and schedule it in.

Then get after it. Like the Badass Mom that you are.

We can do this Mommas! This has got nothing on us.

Busy is our bitch!


To Inspire You Today…

To Inspire You Today…

Catch Your Dream, Momma. Don’t Delay.

Have you truly been following your passion?

🐸My kids woke up the other day on a mission. They had decided they wanted to catch a frog and bring it home. 

They researched what frogs eat and what environment they live in. 

They looked up the best places to find some.
They worked together to create the right habitat.🐸

With rain boots and nets we headed to the river.

✨What a JOY to see them on this mission.
Following their bliss and passion.✨ 

Laser focused on the one thing they want to accomplish.


It reminded me that I need to follow my passion DAILY. Do what I LOVE and don’t stray.

Like a kid on a mission to catch a frog don’t waver from your mission.

Stay laser focused on your dream goal. And don’t quit.

It’s a good day to catch a frog.

What’s the “frog” you’re after? 🐸

What dream are you catching?

Maybe your frog has been feeling just out of reach for far too long?

Well, I’d like to help you capture that big beautiful frog.

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Don’t let your frog hop out of your grasp any longer, Momma! 

Catch that dream of yours! 



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