Overcoming the Challenges of being Mom with a Morning Routine

Overcoming the Challenges of being Mom with a Morning Routine

I get it. I so get it.  Life can be hard.

Life can be tough at any time, but as a mom it’s especially so.  We have these whole other layers of guilt, fear, shame busyness and overwhelm simply because we’re a mom.

Being fully and completely responsible for so much more than just ourselves takes a toll on us.

Thankfully, I have a great morning routine.  Each morning, I have a process that I follow to get myself into an awesome state first so I can handle the challenges that’ll come my way every day as a busy mom.

I’ll share what happened to me the other morning:

An introductory call was set up and on my schedule with a gentleman in Bali.  I knew he was considering involving me in his upcoming project as a Law of Attraction Coach and I was very excited to learn more about it.

30 minutes before the call, I made the mistake of deciding to wash and brush my daughter’s hair.  She has super curly hair and hates to brush it out so it’s always a big task.  As I was doing her hair, I was thinking to myself, “Oh, my gosh, what am I thinking?”

Just as I finished up, the call comes in and I had to rush my daughter out of the room.  Of course, she didn’t think we were finished and took to banging on the other side of the door for my attention.  All she wanted was for me to braid a lock of her hair but her timing was way off.

I had to retreat into my Morning Routine

Breathe in.  Breathe out.  Stay Calm.

It turned out to be a wonderful call.  At the end of it, I won the result I was after:  the man from Bali invited me to be a coach on his amazing documentary that’ll teach women how to manifest their ideal life vision.  How perfect is that?  Can you feel how excited I am about it?

As soon as we finished up the call, I went to check on my daughter and ask if she was OK. By that time though, she’d completely forgotten what she was upset about.  When I asked her if she wanted a piece of her hair braided, she came back with “Oh yeah, no big deal.”

Just to amp up the stress factor, we also had an overflowing toilet this morning.

Plus our stolen car that went missing a couple of weeks ago, was just found last night.

Sometimes I feel like if it’s going to happen, it’ll happen to me.

So I get it. That all happened.  So much stress.

I have just as many challenges as any Mom out there.

What I wanted to share with you today is that I’ve found a way to move through those challenges with as much peace and joy as possible.

I know that you totally get it and I totally get you.

You are not alone!  That’s what the Badass Mom Society is all about. I would love to hear from you there!


Here’s the Secret to Living Your Dream

Here’s the Secret to Living Your Dream

If you think that there’s no place for your dream in the world…

If you believe that there’s no way that you can DO what you want…

If you feel you can’t HAVE the career you ultimately want…

If you’ve ever thought that there’s no way you can do what you love…

Then I want to introduce you to Hector.

Hector loved hawks.  He had a connection with birds as a young boy but when he was old enough to enter the work force, there were no jobs out there where he could work with birds.

What do you think Hector did?

Exactly.  He created one.

Hector started training hawks and falcons.  And then, he took it a step further.  Hector started a business where he brought his trained birds to luxury resorts for the purposes of keeping other aggressive birds away from the guests.

Yep…that simple. Hector saw a need. And he filled it. By doing what he loved.

Hector is living his dream.  Since he followed his passion, he has a large staff of  his own, a whole aviary filled with trained hawks and falcons and his operation has gone international.  It serves luxury resorts in both Mexico and Spain.

Hector stands in the sun. With his hawk, Jason on his arm.  He talks to him. Feeds him. Hector works with Jason every day.  Jason even accompanies Hector home and stays in his house every night.

Hector does what he loves. And it’s so incredibly unique.

Don’t tell Hector you can’t ______(insert that career you’ve been dying to do but don’t believe is possible).  Hector knows it’s possible.

And guess what?  Anything is possible! You just have to believe it, align with it and take action towards it.

What’s your dream?


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How My Family Course Corrected to Save Our New Years Vacation

How My Family Course Corrected to Save Our New Years Vacation

We were supposed to be leaving for Mexico at 5:45 on the Sunday before New Years. Here’s what happened Saturday night:

We have a car picking us up, we have awesome seats on the plane and hotel reservations. I went downstairs to find all of our passports and my daughter’s passport is expired!

So, uh, we’re already packed. We have all of the details ready but we can’t go tomorrow.

These kinds of things can be devastating. My heart sank to my stomach. I was like, oh my God! My husband reacts to these things with a lot of anger. That’s just where he goes. That’s all he internally knows to do in a situation like that.

But to be perfectly honest, because of all the work I’ve been doing for the last 30 years on my mindset and loving what is, these things don’t really throw me off. Like, yeah, I’m bummed. I had that heart sinking feeling. But immediately I think, so we course correct.

We shift and we figure out what to do about it. Nobody’s died. We’re gonna make something else happen. Do my husband and my son go together and then we get her passport renewed and then we go join them?. It’s a little trickier because it’s New Year’s Eve in two days and then New Year’s day and blah blah blah.

But you know what? None of that really rattles me because when I really look at it, it’s like, oh, we have this amazing luxury vacation that might be postponed or put off. Is that really worth getting worked up over? Is that really worth throwing a fit? It doesn’t even make me sad because I still have this life, I’m still breathing. We still have all that we have in this moment. Everything’s fine.

After a lot of research and some panicking, but mostly on my husband’s part – not a lot of panicking on my part, we are going to get her passport renewed on Monday. We’re all shifting and we’re going on Tuesday instead of Sunday. The hotel is available, thankfully, and we can get new flights. It may cost a little money but none of it is a big deal. We are going to get down there and we’re going to have a vacation.

And what if we couldn’t even have a vacation? What if we lost a ton of money? All that is not a big deal when you love what it is and come back to this present moment.

There are no problems. It’s only the thoughts in our head that creates the problems.

And really, what are we pouting about? A beautiful luxury trip being canceled or moved? Big freaking deal. It is not even something that can rattle my cage.

Yeah, I wish that we’d checked the passports sooner. Duh. Surprisingly, this happened to me one other time. I was supposed to fly with my son on a service trip and his passport was expired so you would think I would have known. But I don’t even beat myself up about it. I just don’t go there. We got his renewed a year ago and we were both a hundred percent sure that we got hers renewed also. Obviously, that didn’t happen so mistakes happen.

My kids were sad at first and I was like, listen, mistakes happen. We course correct and figure out what to do next.

How are we ever going to handle an emergency situation if we can’t handle this? Okay, this is not an emergency. This is a downer. It’s a bummer. And yet everyone’s going to be fine.

We’re going to have a fun day tomorrow. We’re going to do something at home for New Year’s Eve and we’re going to fly out Tuesday morning. And I promise you, I promise you the fact that we’ve had to redirect means there’s a reason for us being there on these other dates. Good things will come our way. Something amazing will happen – because it always does. It always will.

This is life. This is living. This is course correcting. I’m really happy with how I applied all of the things that I’ve learned and teach all of you when it comes to this situation because it works, it works, it works.

This. Shit. Works. 

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