One BIG Step to More Abundance Now

One BIG Step to More Abundance Now

I remember the first time I flew first class. It was on one leg of our honeymoon trip, and WOW was it a great experience. We asked people to donate to our honeymoon on our wedding registry and used some of that money for the upgrade. It was, as they say, a blessing and a curse. A blessing since it was such a luxurious and indulgent experience, and a curse because of course you’re always going to want more of that life. I loved it and I let it go.

I was in the mindset that I didn’t need to fly first class. I would rather spend my money on other things. I often said to people, “I would never fly first class. I would rather donate that extra money to a worthy cause.” Well, guess where that language and those beliefs get you?

Our beliefs create and shape our reality. If I maintained that belief, look where it would get me. Let’s break it down: “I would never fly first class.” Guess what those thoughts and words create? When you place an order to the Universe you always get what you ordered. So I was asking, very clearly, to NEVER fly first class. If your ‘story’ is, “I would never fly first class” for whatever reason, believe me, you will never fly first class.

I didn’t fly first class again for a long time. I’m a happiness coach. I coach people on mindset. It’s easy for me to see in others a lack mindset. I didn’t realize at the time that my anti-first class mindset was a limiting belief that was totally affecting me. You see there’s a difference between saying, “Oh, I love to fly first class! It’s an awesome experience,” and saying, “I would never fly first class,” or even “I don’t need to fly first class.” Can you see the different mindset? “I love to fly first class” leaves you open to that experience and even attracts it into your life. The other two shut it out.

I realized that I had a lack mindset when it came to money and first class. I was coaching one of my clients and I told her, “You can’t expect to have a first class lifestyle without booking a first class ticket.” Then it hit me after I said that to her that I never fly first class. The next day I received an email to check in to my flight down to Austin, Texas. When I clicked the link, it asked me, “Would you like to upgrade to first class?”. An interesting predicament. I JUST coached someone on shifting their first class mindset, and here I was with an opportunity to shift it in myself. I have been doing this work long enough to know when there’s a sign, I need to listen to it. So I clicked on the link and I booked the first class ticket.

On my flight, I wrote 2 blogs, designed a workshop, had a lovely breakfast, and met an amazing woman. It was definitely meant to be, but most importantly I reveled in the fact that I was living a first class lifestyle. I sat in that big comfortable seat, looked out the window, and celebrated my life, and all the abundance that surrounds me.

When you book a first class ticket that says you’re not afraid. When you book a first class ticket you’re challenging yourself to maintain a first class lifestyle. You’re placing an order to the Universe for more first class lifestyle experiences. When you book a first class ticket you shout to the world, I AM WORTHY and THERE IS ENOUGH.

I now see sitting in first class very differently. I used to look at the people sitting in first class as I passed them by and I would either judge them or admire them. Now I think they’re brave. I think they had the courage to go there. They seized the day, honored themselves and cried out to the world, “I want to live a first class lifestyle and I’m going to do it.” The next time you have an opportunity to fly first class, TAKE IT. Listen to your gut and honor your worth. If you feel drawn to do it, then say YES. Sit by the window if you can, look out over this beautiful world of ours, put your hand on your heart and whisper, “I am worthy.” You’ll be amazed how many more first class experiences show up in your life. And you might even get a warm chocolate chip cookie.

Get Happi Now Video – Make Money Doing What You Love

Get Happi Now Video – Make Money Doing What You Love

Do you believe if you do what you love, the money will follow?

I do. I also believe it’s important to CHASE the money.

We all can’t just quit our day jobs and paint all day long. Or sit on the bleach all day writing music under the sun. AND create a ton of wealth. Is that possible? Yes. Is it the fast track to freedom? Probably not.

I believe we CAN create extraordinary wealth in our uniqu-ability. That thing that we’re exceptional that, that we really love to do and that contributes to humanity in some way. We can create wealth doing what we LOVE to do.

So we CAN do what we LOVE and the money will follow. IF you chase it. IF you take action and IF you maintain your money flow while you’re pursuing what you love.

I advise my clients to keep their jobs and start doing what they love along side of that. Only when you’re mentally, emotionally and financially ready can you take that leap.

Watch this video about a guy I met who I KNOW will be creating a lot of wealth doing what he loves…

And then head over to my Facebook page and tell me what you think. Can you do what you love and create wealth? I’d love to hear your thoughts on this.