Core Values #5: Commitment

Core Values #5: Commitment

Thanks for reading and following along with these 5 Core Values of mine. (If you missed them, start here.)  I hope it has sparked something in you and helps you tune more into your Core Values or gets your mind turning to look into and create some of your own.  Here’s my 5th and final Core Value.

Core Values # 5: Commitment 


I believe we get results when we are committed and that with commitment anything truly is possible.  We can all do hard things, our commitment to anything pushes us, stretches us and can make the impossible possible.  I live this value in my masterminds and inner circles. I commit to them and commit to myself. I support this behavior by committing to my daily habits, to my goals and to my clients.  Commitment is everything to me. When I say I will commit, I commit. And when I commit, I get results. Period.

core valuesA few weeks ago I committed to doing a 5-day detox.  I wanted to do it for months. But I didn’t commit. I only committed when I knew I was really ready to do it.  It wasn’t easy. But once I committed I was ALL IN. Once I committed NOTHING could have stopped me. I followed that detox completely.  I didn’t miss one small detail. Because I committed. And I didn’t just commit to myself, although that is often enough. I committed to my mastermind and to my accountability buddies.  The minute I announced and declared that I was going to do the 5-day detox that’s when it was essentially done. I’ve been living this core value for so long that I know, without a doubt, when I commit to something I do it. 

Commitment is very multifaceted for me.  I am also committed to my happiness, my health and fitness.  I’m committed to my relationship and our connection. I’m committed to my kids and to show up as the best Mom I can be, as the Mom my kids need me to be.  I’m committed to having the best soul experience as humanly possible. That’s a commitment that constantly moves me forward. I’m committed to showing up as the best version of the best vision I have ever had of who I can be. 

Commitment alone is something that drives me.  Through my commitment, I have achieved everything I’ve ever wanted in life.  So far. And I know it will take me anywhere I want to go.

If I want to get in better shape, all I need to do is commit.
If I want to improve my relationship, I need to commit.
If I want to make more money, yep, I commit.

That’s it. Commitment is KEY to getting results.  And that’s why it’s a driving force for me and my 5th Core Value.  


One thing I know for sure from doing this Core Values work…. When you are living congruently with your highest values your life will soar.  


This work has helped me live my best life.  We’re meant to live abundant, prosperous, joy-filled lives.  That power lies within each of us. By focusing on our Core Values we can consciously create a life we love.

Has this work helped you identify some of your Core Values?  I’d love to hear what they are. Email me and let me know and I’ll hold you accountable to live them. 

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