Day 1 The Belief Challenge

Day 1 The Belief Challenge

Last year, my mantra was “Believe.”

I explored my beliefs all year long.

Today, I’m starting a 30-day challenge around beliefs. Every day, I’ll post about one belief explored last year that brought me comfort, peace or more consciousness.  Here’s the first one:

Believe this is all meant to be.  

Believe that you are here for a reason.  Find a deeper sense of purpose, as if every single moment of your life was predestined.

You are exactly where you’re meant to be!

  • In the right job, with the right people.
  • Having the right parents and the right children.
  • You are a picture of health and your body is a perfect miracle.
  • There is enough in your bank account.
  • Your relationship is awesome and how it should be.

No mistakes have been made.  Nothing has gone off course.

Now what?

Now, you can move forward.  As a result of your new perspective, you can even change the trajectory of your life, if you want to.

If you were destined to get here, to where you are right now with very little conscious effort, imagine what adding consciousness can do to your future!

For me, becoming more conscious of my choices changed the course of my life.  I went from unconscious and reactionary to conscious and proactive.  The very moment I put conscious effort into the belief that all is as it should be, I recognized that I am here for a reason.

One little shift in my perspective changed my entire experience, my reality.  Present and purposeful, I feel powerful beyond measure.

“Believe in something big. Your life is worth a noble motive.” – Walter Anderson

What would change in your life if you believed all was meant to be and that you are here for a reason?

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