Day 6 – Belief Challenge

Day 6 – Belief Challenge

Believe It Was All Meant To Be

Here’s Zoe in an outfit my Nana made for me that I wore when I was her age. 

It reminds me of radical acceptance. Not just for your own sense of style.  But really, radical acceptance that all is meant to be. Including, and especially, our childhood.

What would life look like if we all thought our childhood experience was PERFECT?

Not perfect as in fairytale perfect. But perfect for each of us. Like perfectly imperfect. Perfect for the progression of our soul. Exactly what we needed when we needed it.

Can you imagine? What would the world be like if we all believed that?!

I believe that. And I didn’t have a perfect childhood. Far from it. I had as much drama and trauma as anyone else. Maybe more even.

But I believe it was all meant to be. And believing that brings me a LOT of peace.

What do you believe?

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