They say change isn’t easy.

Is it hard for you?

I believe it’s what you decide it is.
If you think it’s hard, it’s hard.
If you think its easy, it’s easy.

I used to HATE change. Maybe loosing someone when I was young triggered my change anchor. I remember my mom moving our Christmas tree one year and it sent me spiraling out of control. It was as if Christmas couldn’t happen because something was different. I realized then how hard change was for me. But didn’t know what to do about it.

Now I’m a change addict. I realize that a stagnant life is not what I’m after. Nothing changes if I don’t change anything.

So CHANGE must come.

How can we create the most change?

Through consistent action. Even forced action.
Through I HAVE TO DO THIS OR I’LL DIE kind of action.

If we’re in the right STATE and have the right STORY then our the ACTION we take is gonna WORK and it will create a new reality.

Who’s ready for some ACTION this week?
What comes to mind?
What action do you need to take in your life right now?

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