I used to be a runner. Not growing up, not in my 20’s but in my 30’s I became a runner.

I did the Chicago Marathon, and many triathlons including a 1/2 Ironman.

After 6 years of races and tri’s I decided to hang it up. I literally pictured screwing big hooks in the ceiling of my Lincoln Park apartment and hanging up my bike, my shoes and my wetsuit. I was done! So done!

I never went back to races. Everyone said I would but I didn’t. I still work out. And don’t get me wrong I work out hard. I’m in better shape now than I was then.

And then recently my husband started running. What?! He’s 41 and has never run in his life. Since I love to spend time with him I started running with him. And as you can imagine, a race comes up.

Yesterday I ran my first 10K in ten years. And get this. It was easy. I felt awesome. I had run a few 3 mile runs but that was it.  And I finished in under an hour, with a negative split, feeling great!

I tell you all this to remind myself and you that ANYTHING is possible. We CAN create the health and fitness that we dream of. At ANY age. Stop with the excuses. End the negative self talk. It’s ALL possible.

After doing that yesterday I signed up for a 9 mile race. Why? Because CHALLENGE creates CHANGE. And I want to push my limits and create something new.

My friend Allie LeFevere and I created a great FREE challenge, for any of you who are ready to SHIFT YOUR SHIT and create something new too.  It starts tomorrow Oct. 20th.  We deliver to your email short video content and homework every other day for 10 straight days to help you banish those excuses, limits, negativity and live a life you love again.

I hope you’ll join us

And let’s sign up for a race together!

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