How Your Mindset Determines Your Success

How Your Mindset Determines Your Success

Mastering your MINDSET is the most overlooked aspect of health, fitness, relationships, abundance, AND happiness.  And, it’s the most important if you want SUSTAINABLE success in any of these areas. Most experts fly right past mindset and start with ACTION. (You know, the “how to” strategies, tips and tactics.) They push action and try and force results.  

That’s all well and good, but… It doesn’t work.  Here’s why… 

You have to put your STATE and your STORY (or mindset) first. 

Here’s an example.  You can have the perfect seed, and have the best strategies and follow all the best advice and instructions to grow that seed.  You can water it and get it out in the sun  taking all the ACTION necessary to grow that seed.  BUT, if you plant that seed in the wrong foundation, if you plant it in cement, or in clay, it doesn’t matter what you DO it will never grow and flourish.  So, we have to ensure the soil (or mindset) is a fertile environment for the seed to grow and flourish.


This principle gets missed too often, and that’s why success is short-lived at best. To change our habits and behaviors, we’re constantly told to:

Do more 

Force change 


Push past our fears 

Overcome obstacles 

Move outside our comfort zone 


These are all ACTIONS we’re instructed to take.


But, here’s what happens:

If you don’t address your underlying perceptions, beliefs, and expectations about those (or any) behaviors…

… simply performing the action will NOT lead to sustained success.


A few EXAMPLES will help illustrate this point. (These all represent actions, behaviors, and habits that you’re probably familiar with):

– Health: You lose weight by exercising and eating healthy (action). You don’t sustain the weight loss (because you haven’t addressed the beliefs you have around your self worth.  


– Career, Finances: You make a lot of money by working, saving, and investing (action). You don’t sustain it, and lose it because you haven’t changed your abundance mindset.  


– Relationships: People get out of a toxic relationship, then jump right back into another one. They haven’t changed their unconscious limiting beliefs. 


You try to modify behaviors, but ultimately, it’s not changing the end result. You MIGHT see short-term improvement… but not sustainable long-term health, wealth, happiness, or success.  The TAKE-HOME POINT? 


You, me, and everyone has old patterns and habits, unconscious stories, narratives, limiting beliefs and thoughts that DRIVE our conscious actions, habits, and behaviors. 


We think we’re creating behavior changes through conscious action… BUT, the UNCONSCIOUS DRIVES THE ACTION. Our beliefs whether positive or negative will always create our reality.  


We will continue falling back into our old behaviors and habits unless we change and upgrade these unconscious beliefs.  


Sustainable change in your health and life means fixing the driver of the action and behavior.


Now, how can you do that? See the P.S. below…


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