It’s ok to cry.

It’s ok to cry.

I hope you know, it’s ok to cry.  Actually, I think it’s crucial. We often hold back our tears and see them as a weakness.  I learned years ago when I first started out on this personal growth journey that it’s a strength.  


I’ll never forget the women sitting next to me in a circle who looked at my tears and said: “I wish I could feel like you do,”  That’s when it hit me that it’s ok to cry. It’s ok to feel. It’s not just ok it’s necessary for us to move through our feelings and get to the other side of them.  


Now, I’m not ashamed to cry.  


I cry every day….


I don’t cry every day out of sadness or anger or upset.  Sure I have as many challenges as anyone else in this life.  I have stresses and frustrations and family members who are ill.  But still, that’s not why I cry.


Every day I cry for a different reason. 


I cry because this life is pure magic.

I cry out of gratitude for every breath.

I cry for beauty.

I cry at art.

I cry when I see moments of kindness.

I cry when I hear beautiful music.

I cry when I sing.

I cry when I reflect on life in the shower.

I cry when I say goodbye to a friend.

I cried eating a blueberry muffin at Starbucks once.  It was a really really good muffin! 

I cry at commercials.

I cry watching my kids sleep.

I cry when I travel – when I fly through the air and look out the window. 

I cry when I walk into a church.


My husband jokes that I cry at mall openings.  I have never cried at a mall opening. But I have cried at the opening of the Olympics.  And the closing ceremonies. And my son’s soccer game yesterday.


Basically, I cry when I feel connected.  I cry when I FEEL this life. When I feel alive. 


Unapologetically I cry.  And I look forward to the moments in my day, those vulnerable, beautiful, tear-filled moments where my heart feels so full I can hardly breathe. When I sip air in through my nose and my eyes well up with tears only to be sucked back in moments later when I compose myself, it is a moment of sheer bliss.  A moment of REAL life. To feel alive. And grateful. And connected. 


I’ve never counted how many times I’ve cried in a day.  But I might start now. And I invite you to start with me.  Can we FEEL alive and connected 2 times, 5 times,10 times a day?  I’m willing to try.


This is LIFE.  This is really living. 


My wish for you is that you feel all your feelings today.  All the joy and all the sorrow. All the beauty and the pain.  I hope you feel it and move through it. If I can support you in any way, I’m here.  Let’s cry together. 


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