Just Do It Now – Achieving Your Dreams

Just Do It Now – Achieving Your Dreams

Don’t wait until…

We wrote our dreams in these ornaments every year.

And today I pulled out our old dreams and looked through them.

I had a dream 8 years ago to be a published author.

8 years!! 8 fricken years!!!

What took me so long?

As I pondered that tonight I started thinking about belief. I wanted to write a book 8 years ago. But I didn’t believe I could.

This year I finally believed.

I signed up for a book writing retreat.

I wrote my book in 2 months. And became a best selling author on March 21st.

I could have done that 8 years ago.

Don’t be like me.

Don’t wait 8 years to achieve your dream.

Don’t let a lack of belief stop you.

Don’t wait until you’re 100% ready.

Just do it now.

This awakening has me fired up. Ready to hit the gas peddle to my next dream. No more waiting 8 years.

2019 I’m getting after my dreams. ALL of my dreams.

Who’s with me? #letsdothis


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