Just Say No

Just Say No

A big Ah Ha hit me years ago: In order to live and love even bigger, I may need to let go of some things that I love.

It’s easy to let go of things that don’t serve you. Things that you hate. That feel awful. But it’s hard to let go of things that you love. That DO serve you in some way. That are rewarding. But ahhh, that’s the catch.

Sometimes those things keep you too comfortable. They help you settle for a life that’s not ALL THAT. A life that you like but don’t love. That’s good but not great. It’s tricky.

For me getting comfortable held me back. Comfort can kill a dream for sure. What I realized was letting go of some things that I love helped me get MORE. It helped me move from Steffani 1.0 to Steffani 2.0.

I let go of a job that I loved to start my own coaching business. I let go of a house in the city that I loved to move into our dream home in the burbs. And now I say NO to things that I love because what used to satisfy and delight Steffani 1.0 doesn’t work any longer.

I’ve said no to speaking gigs. And no to travel. And no to book clubs and invitations and vacays and volunteer ops. Because if they’re not aligned with the newest version of me I’m doing myself a disservice. I’m fueling Steffani 1.0 while trying to elevate my life. That doesn’t work.

It’s not easy to say no. Especially to things you love. But I’m getting better at it. The newest version of me deserves it.

What do you need to say no to?  

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