I get triggered.


I have as many challenges as anyone I know. Even though I do this work, working on myself and my inner peace and my happiness, I still get angry. I make mistakes. I lose my temper. I show up as a wounded version of myself.

As much as I try to be that monk on the hill and let all things roll off my back, it doesn’t always happen. I try to channel my inner Nelson Mandela but sometimes I just can’t find it.

There’s one thing I DO know how to do in those situations. I know how to COURSE CORRECT.

First, I’m AWARE of the situation. Not blindly raging thinking it’s everyones fault but my own. I OWN IT. I know it’s about ME. No one else.

I can identify when I’m triggered and I know it’s MY RESPONSIBILITY NOT TO GET TRIGGERED. It’s not the worlds responsibility not to trigger me.

I know that I’m in control of my reactions. No one MAKES ME MAD. I chose to get mad. No one hurts me, I allow myself to BE hurt, or feel hurt. I’m either taking things personally or I’m in my own lane. I’m in my business or their business. What they do or say has nothing to do with me. Unless I let it.

So I find peace in my COURSE CORRECTIONS.

Trying every day to course correct as quickly as possible. So my moments of peace are long and luscious. And my moment of suffering and despair are few and far between. The faster I can course correct the quicker I come back to the true essence of who I am.

HOW do I course correct?

I do the work on my thoughts. I shift to gratitude. I cancel the thought and reach for a better feeling thought. I move into appreciation for this life and even for the situation. My happiness depends on it.

And one thing I know for sure. This life is worth it. It’s too important to walk around wounded and resentful. Drinking poison thinking other people will die. I know better. And DO better, as soon as I can get there.

How do YOU course correct?

Shifting now,


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