Saturday’s are amazing … and awful.

Saturday’s are amazing … and awful.

My husband works all day on Saturdays. He always has. I used to hate Saturdays.

There were always explosions. And fighting. The house gets so messy. I get bored. And feel needy. And sad. With no adults to connect with. (Seriously even just one day it can hit me hard.)

But now I really love Saturdays. Not a lot has changed. Only my mindset. AND I’m much more proactive about my day instead of reactive.

So now Saturdays FEEL better. And so they are better.

The kids still fight. They still have explosions. (My son told me he hated me today and that I’m the worst mom ever.) The house is still a mess and I still get lonely.

But I don’t hate it. I love it. I totally embrace it. And really look forward to it. I plan out my day more intentionally. Schedule play dates. Get a sitter for a quick workout. Have some me time.

And because I’m in a better place I have a totally different mindset. And then I’m prepared to control my reaction when my son says he hates me because I asked him to stop playing Fort Nite.

Ahh the adventures of parenting. I love every minute of this roller coaster. I wouldn’t change a thing.

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