Today I was SUPERMOM!

Today I was SUPERMOM!

My Super Power is – Being a Mom!

Today I had some play dates and ran errands with them. I got dinner on the table and watched a fun movie, had a tickle fest, and rode bikes to get ice cream.

And… I yelled at them. (Like screamed my head off) And sent them to their rooms. Together and separately … and said “oh my fucking God” under my breath about 50 times in just a few hours.

You see this is what it’s like to be a parent … and I don’t care if you judge me!

No, I’m not proud of it. And yes I’m always striving to do better. But I also know how NORMAL it is.  I get that we’re ashamed of it. But raising kids is not easy. If you can do it without raising your voice or flying off the handle you need to write a book, raise my children and become President of the world.

Because, seriously, that’s nearly impossible.

If you’re raising young kids. Especially if they’re as active and explosive and bold and fearless as mine, and you yell sometimes … I want you to know, YOU ARE NOT ALONE! and on top of that, you’re doing a DAMN GOOD JOB!

Are the kids alive? Are you alive? Great job momma! Seriously. We’re way too hard on ourselves.

I find a lot of relief in finding the balance between accepting myself, forgiving myself and striving to do better. I’m ok with that, and so far so are my kids.

So maybe we can be not proud but also not ashamed. And maybe we can cheer each other on when we’re super moms. Maybe we can teach our kids in the process how to radically accept themselves and that shit’s gonna hit the fan sometimes and how to move through it and laugh and forgive and go out for ice cream.

What I do know is every day is a new day. And every day we are here is precious. No regrets!

Can you relate mommas?

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How You FEEL Matters.

How You FEEL Matters.

How Feelings Manifest Our Reality

We manifest our reality not just from our thoughts – (Sooo sooo important), not just from our words – (Equally as important).  But also from our feelings. In fact, I think how we FEEL is the most important of all.

It’s the feeling that we’re after anyway right?

We all want to FEEL better.  We want more inner peace. We want more joy. We want more happiness and contentment.  We don’t want the stress and the drama. We don’t want the hustle.

What we’re after is what the hustle brings. It brings freedom and ease. But only if we let it, and we let it by feeling first.

You see, it’s not when you have it all that you’ll finally be HAPPY, it’s when you’re HAPPY that you’ll actually have it all.

Our feelings matter. 

Now I know what you’re thinking… here come the “yea buts”…

“Yea but my husband is so negative”

“Yea but my job sucks”

“Yea but I don’t have any money or time or support”

All those “Yea buts” place an order.

When you think that and focus on that and FEEL that you’ll get more of it.

You need a clean slate.

You need to start FEELING how you want to feel. And you need to feel it now. Time is running out.

Don’t wait another minute to feel better. You have to start today.

What can you do today to FEEL better?

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Things I’m Not Good At

Things I’m Not Good At

There are some things (many) that I am not good at, that I see other moms doing effortlessly. (Or seemingly effortlessly)

Here’s a short list where my “skills” are lacking:

  1. Shopping with kids.
  2. Staying at home with kids – Designing, decorating, styling. (All aspects of all of these)
  3. Home schooling
  4. Cooking
  5. Organizing
  6. Volunteering at school

I just look at these moms that can do some or all of these things like WOW!! I’m in awe.

Do you ever compare yourself to these Supermoms? I used to. But now I focus on my strengths. I have enough confidence in my gifts that I don’t get envious or jealous. Like:

  1. I can make an awesome green smoothie.
  2. I always have a healthy snack in my purse.
  3. I can design a workout anywhere anytime.
  4. I know how to talk anyone down from any ledge. Literally.
  5. I can turn around a situation and always find the positives.
  6. I can make anyone feel better about any situation.
  7. I make people feel good and comfortable.
  8. Nothing feels too hard for me.
  9. I believe anything’s possible.

My strengths may look different than most moms. We all have strengths, and guess what … we all have weaknesses. When we focus on our strengths, and try and show up as the best mom we can be, not better than anyone else, not trying to show up like that mom or that mom, everyone wins!

Just do you!! 

What do you do really well?

Share some of your strengths below.