6 Tips to Get HAPPIER

6 Tips to Get HAPPIER

I shot this video in my Badass Mom Society Facebook group in response to a lot of questions regarding happiness. That’s what we’re all after right?  I know it seems like we should just ‘be happy’ but then we feel like we’re missing something because true happiness is not that easily attained.   


In this short video, I share 6 tips you can instantly use that will help you get happier starting TOMORROW.  Tip #3 is sooo easy you’re gonna smack yourself on the head! LOL 

Want more help implementing these tips? If you need more tools to help you enjoy a happy life, I have another round of The Badass Mindset Mini-Course on sale now. Join us and make each day happier than the next.  As an added bonus I’m including my Unstoppable Life Training when you join the 21 Day Badass Mindset Mini Course.  It’s a 45 minute $97 training you’ll get for FREE when you join us. Just click this link to be a part of this mini course.

How to Manifest & Allow What You REALLY Want

How to Manifest & Allow What You REALLY Want

I asked the women in my Badass Mom Society Facebook Group what they’d like to hear more about.  The overwhelming response was manifesting.  They wanted to hear HOW to manifest and ALLOW in all they REALLY want.  Only my FAVORITE topic.  

Here’s some of what I covered in this short video: 

🌟 The 6 pillars of your personal foundation

🌟 The importance of watering the roots not the branches

🌟 Processes you can use that work 

🌟 How to fix the weak foundation

Check it out and join our Badass Facebook Group if you want to see more of these videos in real-time. 



Need more help manifesting what you really want?  I have a new program starting soon. The Badass Mindset Mini-Course is on sale now. Join us and make your dreams a reality!  As an added bonus I’m including my Unstoppable Life Training when you join the 21 Day Badass Mindset Mini Course.  It’s a 45 minute $97 training you’ll get for FREE when you join us. Just click this link to be a part of this mini course.

Why 5 Day Challenges DON’T Work

Why 5 Day Challenges DON’T Work

Have you ever joined a 5-day challenge and found it hard to hang on to the new habits you were inspired to put into place? The new ideas, the content, the work, is not as easy as it seems. It can be hard to hang on to. Hard to implement. Hard to maintain. ESPECIALLY when we throw a pandemic into the mix!!

Have you noticed that?  That after the 5 days you slipped back down the mountain.  The negative thoughts crept back in.  The feelings of unworthiness reared their ugly head.  Then you started complaining (again).  And worrying (even more).  And beating yourself up for it all.  And in the end your belief in yourself started plummeting.  And kept plummeting.  Because you fell right back to where you started.  Yelling at your kids.  Drinking a second (or third) glass of wine.  And not feeding your passions not to mention your relationship.  

I get it.  This is VERY common.  Far too common.  

But think about it.  You’re trying to rewire 30-40 years of programming.  Of course 5 days is not enough.  5 days can make a difference, but it can’t create a brand new life for you.  

Here’s what DOES create a new life….. CONSISTENCY.  

Yep.  Consistency and commitment.  It takes work to rewire old patterns and habits that no longer serve us.  It takes new tools to dig the new path and move forward up that mountain.  I have something that will help.  

My newest coaching program, the 21 Day Badass Mom Mindset Mini Course is starting again soon and it has been designed entirely with YOU in mind.

It’s guaranteed to help you MASTER YOUR MINDSET. The master tool to get you up this mountain.   And the FIRST step in mastering your life.

When you get control of your thoughts you also:

  • Get out of overwhelm
  • Stop feeling like a victim
  • Stop playing small
  • Stop operating as a version of yourself that you may not even like

With this training, you’ll apply more consistency then ever before.  You’ll step up and into the happier, more present, more intentional, conscious creator you really are!  THIS is not one of those superficial, quick-fix programs that are so popular.

This is a 21 day deep dive program for your soul.  I’ll share the 21 tools I use every day to master my mindset and teach all of my high-end clients.  Mindset mastery is essential to living an abundant, happy, healthy, peaceful life.  This program has it all… all the knowledge and expertise I’ve learned, gleaned, honed, developed, tested, absorbed and experienced from 2.5 decades of working with the very best in the personal development and mindset arena.   

I’ve put ALL of what I’ve gathered – and PROVEN to work – about How To Master Your Mindset into THIS program, rolled it up neatly, organized it all into manageable segments and will deliver it to you with a big bright bow – so you’ll see immediate results!

And the very best part: You won’t be doing it alone. #accountability We’ll be doing this Badass Mom Mindset Mini Course TOGETHER in our very own Badass Mom Mindset FB group.  

Nothing makes me happier than working with women who are committed to their growth, guiding them to take inspired action, helping them make lasting and powerful transformations, and designing the life they LOVE.  

All you have to do is make a simple choice.   Is it option 1 – to stay where you’ve always been? Or is it option 2 – stepping forward toward the Life YOU Love and Deserve!

If you’re feeling a heart pull… then join us here Badass Mom Mindset. 

This mini-course (I just like calling it that but its 21 days long so not that ‘mini’) is normally offered at $297 but since you participated in the Badass Life Challenge I’m offering it to you for only $97. YEP!  That’s $200 OFF! This is a THANK YOU to YOU!  

Thank you for being COMMITTED to your growth and expansion.  It’s that growth mindset that can change YOUR life and change the world.