Subconscious Thoughts

Subconscious Thoughts

The Universe isn’t listening to only our conscious, dominant thoughts and words. It responds to our subconscious thoughts too. When I started studying the law of attraction and quantum physics, I also dove deep into neuroscience. You have to. They’re all interconnected.

Neuroscience research reveals that our conscious thoughts make up only 7% of what we’re thinking. Only 7%. Wow. We need to get the other 93% on board.

So when we have a long overriding fear, worry or negative thought, we place an order. When we unintentionally expect that there will be tension at that family party: Order received.

When we expect our husband to be in a bad mood: Wish granted.

The only way to fix it is to be more conscious about our thoughts and to get the other 93% on board. Be more proactive. Focus on and think the thoughts you do want, so you’re not placing orders for what you don’t.

The good news is the subconscious is a yes machine, meaning it responds to every seed you plant with a yes.

“I’m feeling better.” Yes.
“My relationship is improving.” Yes.
“My kids are actually getting along.” Yes.
“I love spending time with my in-laws.” Yes.
“My business is booming.” Yes.
“I see less and less cellulite on my thighs every day.” Yes.

The more we program our subconscious, the more it responds. You’re literally reprograming your subconscious brain. And now you need to keep reprogramming those thoughts so that those orders will be fulfilled.,204,203,200_QL40_&dpSrc=srch
A Return To Love by Marianne Williamson, and it totally turned my life around.

I have another thoughts-creating story that was totally subconscious. When I was nineteen, I read the book A Return To Love by Marianne Williamson, and it totally turned my life around. It was the first time I really understood forgiveness or thought about consciously creating my life.

I credit that book for starting me on this path to personal growth that I’ve been on for almost thirty years now. When anyone asked me how I got into this work, I would credit that book and Marianne Williamson. I hosted book clubs on that book. I went to see her speak whenever I could. I read everything else she ever wrote.

Many years later, I was volunteering at a conference called “Celebrate Your Life.” They have amazing speakers like Neale Donald Walsh, the late Wayne Dyer, Sonia Choquette, and Marianne Williamson to name a few. As a volunteer, you never know what job you might have. So when I got my assignment, I was so excited, but not surprised: I got assigned as Marianne Williamson’s speaker’s assistant. When I saw that, I knew that my subconscious placed those orders.

I got to meet her at the airport in a limo. Take her back to the hotel. Check her into her hotel room. Bring her to and from her keynote. We had many long conversations, and she was as gracious and graceful as I had ever imagined. We even did some yoga together in her hotel room before she went onstage to speak. Yeah, so that happened. #wow

At one point, she saw my book in my bag—the book I’d had since 1999 that followed me from house to house from college through adulthood. She asked if she could see it. It was dog-eared and highlighted and thoroughly used. She said it was a dream come true for an author to see a book like that and asked me if she could sign it for me. Um, yes, please. What a beautiful order I had placed. More of those subconscious orders, please.

You can’t expect great things when you’re thinking lousy thoughts. So we need to change our thoughts. As badass moms, we need to start focusing on more of the good in our lives. We need to shift our thoughts to place the orders that we do want. To start aligning with the next-level life that we know we deserve and that’s within our reach. It all starts with our thoughts.

So how do we change our thoughts?

The Key to Body Confidence

The Key to Body Confidence

I’ll just get right to it.

Don’t compare your 47 with other people’s 27.
Don’t compare your 47 to your 27 either.

What I mean by that is, the key to having body confidence is loving and accepting your body AS IT IS, RIGHT NOW. In all its’ glory and imperfection. With all its’ lumps and bumps and wrinkles.

I think we get down on our bodies because we’re in constant comparison. With others AND ourselves.

What used to work for me 20 years ago doesn’t work for me anymore. What I could do 20 years ago I can’t do anymore.

And that’s OK. It sure should be ok, it’s been 20 years. And a 47-year-old body that’s had 2 kids should look different than a 27-year-old body. It’s just a fact.

Now I need to be careful with that. I don’t need to accept my body looking worse than I want it to. I don’t need to listen to the bullshit rules out there, like that we gain weight as we get older or that we get weaker or lose flexibility. I don’t need to buy into all that. I just need to fully accept the body that I have in this moment.

At OTF today we ran a PR 1 mile. When I heard we were doing that I got a little nervous. I had flashbacks to my days running races and working with a running coach. I’ve never been a ‘runner’ or very fast, but I used to work at it and now I don’t. It hurts. For me running a fast mile feels like a near-death experience.

But I ran one today. 20 years ago my fastest mile was a 6.40. And wow. I was so proud of that. Holy shit. That was REALLY fast for ME.

Today I thought I’d push myself and try and run as fast as possible. Could I run a 7.30? Maybe an 8:30? All I knew was that I would run as fast for 1 mile as my legs and heart could carry me.

I ran an 8.05. And wow. I was SO proud of that. Holy shit. That was really fast for 47 year old me.

No judgment. No comparison. Just radical acceptance. I have no idea what other people ran it in. I really don’t care. I never even think to look.

Because for me the key to body acceptance is not comparing myself to anyone else or to a younger version of myself.

This is what my body can do NOW. This is how hard I work to constantly improve it. This is why I’m so proud of THIS body.

Now here come the Big Questions/ Bold Answers ladies…..

Do you wish you had more body confidence?
What contributes to your body confidence?
And can you teach me how to take a better selfie? 😆




We do MORE for others than we’ll do for ourselves.

This is an important concept to embrace. When you’re aware of it you can use it to your advantage.

I’ve used accountability to shape my life for over 20 years. From health to career to love to parenting. You name it. I’ve tried it. I find a friend or create a group and make shit happen. Sometimes it’s a friend who needs it. If a friend I love and adore has been struggling to create something I hold them accountable. I think it’s one of the most loving things we can do for each other.

It’s pretty simple. And really powerful.

Where do you need to be held accountable? And who can do that for you?