On Listening To Your Heart

On Listening To Your Heart

5 years ago 

I finally listened to my heart and officially launched my own coaching business…..

5 years before that

I had everyone around me, including my heart, telling me I should coach. I knew there was a bigger way I could serve, 5 years before that I was working my real “job” but I was coaching every chance I got. I felt the pull to coach and serve every damn day.

I don’t want it to take you as long as it took me.

Have you heard the call? Have you answered the call? I believe we all have many Universal assignments that we need to step up and step into.

For me, one of them was coaching. Helping busy Moms work on their mindset, remove there limiting beliefs, improve their relationships, so they can find more daily happiness. And be the Moms they have always wanted to be. The Moms their kids need them to be.

What does your call sound like? 

Can you hear it? 

How can you clear your head so you can hear your heart? 

For me, I hear a lot of head chatter. But the heart calling is very different.

The heart call is downstream. The heart call is effortless. The heart call is fun. The heart call might be work but it still feels GREAT. The heart call has purpose and meaning. And most of all the heart call is not about me. It’s about how I can SERVE the world.

I realized on this 5 year anniversary that I need to show up more in a place of service than I have recently. In order to serve busy Moms the way I want to, I need to SHOW UP. I need to share what works for me. I need to give, and grow and be here every day for these Mommas who are looking for support and a big shift.

A lot of Moms are unaware how to shift what isn’t working in their lives. And that’s where I can help. That’s my specialty.

So if you see me on FB more often showing up as my highest self, now you know why. I’m here to answer that heart call. I’m here to serve. I’m here to genuinely and authentically share my love of life and what worked to help me get there.

I’m here to show you what’s possible. I’m here to raise the bar and live an extraordinary life in every area.

And I want to take you with me. 

Who’s up for the ride?

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The Power of Play and Your Enneagram Number

The Power of Play and Your Enneagram Number

Do you know your enneagram number?

It’s an ancient personality test. One of my FAVORITE tools for personal growth. I used it for 10 years when I was a director of over 100 employees. I now use it with all my coaching clients.

It’s the best tool to help us get to know ourselves at our core. The good, the bad, all of it. And helps us understand that not everyone is like us.

Learning my husband’s enneagram number was a game changer. It literally describes him and he made more sense to me than ever before.

I’m a 7 on the enneagram. The Adventurer. 7’s are spontaneous, fun-loving and positive. They also have their weaknesses like every number. It’s hard for 7’s to settle down and to choose a specialty.

We want to do it all. See the world. Know everyone. Attend every event. We get massive FOMO. And we also HATE being bored.

That’s where play comes in. A 7 has to play. A lot. I have a huge bucket for fun. That needs to be filled daily.

My biggest fear is of boredom and complacency.

Now that I know that, I design my days with A LOT of PLAY.

What’s your enneagram number? Find out here. How can you add more play to your day today?

Saturday’s are amazing … and awful.

Saturday’s are amazing … and awful.

My husband works all day on Saturdays. He always has. I used to hate Saturdays.

There were always explosions. And fighting. The house gets so messy. I get bored. And feel needy. And sad. With no adults to connect with. (Seriously even just one day it can hit me hard.)

But now I really love Saturdays. Not a lot has changed. Only my mindset. AND I’m much more proactive about my day instead of reactive.

So now Saturdays FEEL better. And so they are better.

The kids still fight. They still have explosions. (My son told me he hated me today and that I’m the worst mom ever.) The house is still a mess and I still get lonely.

But I don’t hate it. I love it. I totally embrace it. And really look forward to it. I plan out my day more intentionally. Schedule play dates. Get a sitter for a quick workout. Have some me time.

And because I’m in a better place I have a totally different mindset. And then I’m prepared to control my reaction when my son says he hates me because I asked him to stop playing Fort Nite.

Ahh the adventures of parenting. I love every minute of this roller coaster. I wouldn’t change a thing.

If you want to shift your mindset start with your state. And your morning routine. I have a quick and easy free video training for you:  http://badassmorningroutine.com/