On Getting What You Want

On Getting What You Want

In college, my roommate applied for a college program at Walt Disney World. It sounded awesome so I applied too.  They came to EIU to interview everyone and I still remember what I wore for the interview.  I wore a white turtleneck and a red sweater. 

I had a great interview. The women I interviewed with seemed to love me.

A few weeks later, we got a letter. My roommate was accepted and I WAS NOT.

What?! I was shocked.

How could they not accept me? I was totally Disney material. I’d already been planning on doing the job. The minute I’d heard about applying for the program, I considered it done.

Clearly, they weren’t on board with my plan.

I remember getting mad. And then sad. I even threw myself a mini pity party. F them. They don’t know what they’re missing!!!

And then it hit me.

They really don’t know what they’re missing.

So I called to tell them. I talked to everyone who would listen. I explained that I was Disney material. That this must have been a mistake. That I was already planning on it. That I would work SO hard. They would be so happy if they hired me.

I begged. I pleaded. I stated my case.

And you know what happened next? They hired me.

They finally gave in. And said “Fine. Come on down.”

I did not take “NO” for an answer.  I followed my heart, stepped up with courage and made my dream come true.

It was a great lesson in going after and getting what you want.

Nothing is ever impossible.

What do you want? Can you go after it?

To Inspire You Today…

To Inspire You Today…

Catch Your Dream, Momma. Don’t Delay.

Have you truly been following your passion?

🐸My kids woke up the other day on a mission. They had decided they wanted to catch a frog and bring it home. 

They researched what frogs eat and what environment they live in. 

They looked up the best places to find some.
They worked together to create the right habitat.🐸

With rain boots and nets we headed to the river.

✨What a JOY to see them on this mission.
Following their bliss and passion.✨ 

Laser focused on the one thing they want to accomplish.


It reminded me that I need to follow my passion DAILY. Do what I LOVE and don’t stray.

Like a kid on a mission to catch a frog don’t waver from your mission.

Stay laser focused on your dream goal. And don’t quit.

It’s a good day to catch a frog.

What’s the “frog” you’re after? 🐸

What dream are you catching?

Maybe your frog has been feeling just out of reach for far too long?

Well, I’d like to help you capture that big beautiful frog.

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Don’t let your frog hop out of your grasp any longer, Momma! 

Catch that dream of yours! 



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Day 9 – Belief Challenge

Day 9 – Belief Challenge

Believe In Your Dreams

This may sound a little ‘out there’ but I’m going to lay it out there anyway. Here it is:  Your dreams have chosen you as much as you’ve chosen them.

They’re as important as you let them be.

I used to dream of writing a book. It was a big dream that I never thought I would ever achieve.

I was plagued with negative thoughts:

  • Who wants to read what I have to write?
  • Why would anyone listen to my message?
  • Who do I think I am?
  • That’s reserved for people who are smarter than me, more successful than me, better writers than I am.

I could never have written a book and become a best-selling author had chosen to listen to that little voice.

I had to believe in my dream. And not just to believe in it, I had to have faith,  to step into it AND take action on it.

Belief always has to be accompanied with action if we’re going to make a dream come true.

My belief that I couldn’t do it was accompanied by the action of not doing it.

Once I started to believe, I started taking action and with little steps forward, I did it.  Simple as that.

The belief is the trigger. The action makes it a reality.

“If you think you can do a thing or you think you can’t do a thing, you’re right.” Henry Ford

Believe in your dreams and you can achieve them. You can achieve ANYTHING.

What dream are you following right now?  What are you going to make happen?