The Power of Play and Your Enneagram Number

The Power of Play and Your Enneagram Number

Do you know your enneagram number?

It’s an ancient personality test. One of my FAVORITE tools for personal growth. I used it for 10 years when I was a director of over 100 employees. I now use it with all my coaching clients.

It’s the best tool to help us get to know ourselves at our core. The good, the bad, all of it. And helps us understand that not everyone is like us.

Learning my husband’s enneagram number was a game changer. It literally describes him and he made more sense to me than ever before.

I’m a 7 on the enneagram. The Adventurer. 7’s are spontaneous, fun-loving and positive. They also have their weaknesses like every number. It’s hard for 7’s to settle down and to choose a specialty.

We want to do it all. See the world. Know everyone. Attend every event. We get massive FOMO. And we also HATE being bored.

That’s where play comes in. A 7 has to play. A lot. I have a huge bucket for fun. That needs to be filled daily.

My biggest fear is of boredom and complacency.

Now that I know that, I design my days with A LOT of PLAY.

What’s your enneagram number? Find out here. How can you add more play to your day today?

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