What Are You Most Proud Of?

What Are You Most Proud Of?

Someone asked me recently what I’m most proud. My answer was not what she expected. She expected me to say…

  • Writing a book
  • Or being a mom
  • Or starting my business
  • Or launching my coaching program
  • Or my relationship with my husband
  • Or my health and fitness

She rattled those off as potential ideas. But none of that is what I’m most proud of. I’m most proud… of FACING MY FEARS.

Facing my fears of being a mom, facing my fears of being a wife, facing my fears of writing a book, of coaching, of being vulnerable and being real and raw and open and putting myself out there in this world. THAT is what I’m most proud of.

That’s what moves me to tears and what keeps me going. Moving through my fears has been the most powerful thing I’ve ever done. And trust me when I say this. You can do it too.

You may not have a fear around being a mom like I did. Or around getting married. Or starting a business. But you have a fear. I know you do.

No matter what it is you CAN move through it. Once you identify it. (And I know that you know what it is…) Then you have to move past it.

Or it will own you. It has no power over you unless you let it. YOU control your reality. Face your fears… head on. Do what you thought you couldn’t do. And watch your life unfold in a bigger way then you ever imagined.




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