What are you tolerating?

What are you tolerating?

Are your date nights kind of lame?  Or non-existent?
Are you yelling at your kids?
Are you feeling overwhelmed at times and disorganized in your head and heart?
Do you feel like there’s a deeper purpose to life that you haven’t tapped into yet?
Are you ‘happy’ but not fulfilled?
Are you content but not set on fire?
Are you settling (oh that dreaded S word) for a life that is good but not GREAT?  Actually, it’s great but not EXTRAORDINARY?
Are you playing small?

Let’s face it.  I know you are.  And YOU know you are.

You’re settling for and tolerating a life that’s beneath you. Sure it might be more than most women have.   And I know you feel bad feeling all this.  But I’m here to remind you there’s MORE.  More you can BE, more you can DO and more you can HAVE. 

Listen we only have one shot at this life thing. We can’t afford to play small? No day is guaranteed. So we can’t hold back. We need to hit the gas. Settling. Tolerating. Playing small. None of that will get us the juicy delicious totally fulfilling life we’re after.

You need to stand up for YOU. No one else will.

You need to stop tolerating poor treatment. From yourself and others.

You need to step up and ask for what you want. Heck give yourself what you want.

You need to stop settling for less than you deserve.

And when do you think you need to do that? Yup!! Right f’ing now.

Earlier this year I created a new boundary in our family. My kids are getting older and there’s a lot more “sass” going on in our house. Mocking and eye rolling and telling someone to “shut up” (and a whole lot worse) started to be second nature. And it hit me. I was overly tolerant and creating a culture that was becoming unbearable. I was creating an environment where we were not thriving. To say the least.

Well, alleluia and praise the Lord for this awareness. Because now I can do something about it. I can change it!

So we’re changing our family culture. I’m doing it and you can too.

We are the matriarchs of our families. It’s our job to lead the way. Whether it’s changing our family culture from one of disrespect to loving kindness. Or from entitlement to compassion. Or if it’s improving our health. Enhancing our marriage or changing our money story. This is all possible when we realize we need it. When we stop tolerating so much. When we set a new higher standard then everyone can rise up to meet it.

For me this took accountability. It took a community. It took coaching. I tapped into all the tools I could find because I was committed to this change.

If you have the desire. But don’t have the tools. I’ve got your back. 

Download my FREE PDF, The 5 Worst Practices High Achieving Women Implement While Trying to Up Level Their Lives.  

Take your life, your relationship, your career, your parenting, your health, all to the next level. It starts with the desire. Then with saying YES.

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