What you can do about BAD NEWS…

This news makes me sick.  

I try not to watch the news but you can’t escape it.  

I woke up this morning with my husband sharing the news of another mass shooting this time in Las Vegas.  And my stomach literally hurts.  I get thrown off my routine.  I feel sad and depressed.  I can’t just ignore these tragedies.

And I know too that it doesn’t help.

No amount of sadness or depression on my part will help end these senseless acts of violence. What will help?  When I pick myself up and get my head back on track.  

So here’s what I do….

First, I feel it… BRIEFLY.  

What we focus on expands, right?  So if we wallow in this misery in this tragedy in this sadness for long we’re only creating more of it.  I try to BRIEFLY feel my feelings over it.  Sending love and prayers to those victums and everyone effected by it.  And then I try and raise my vibration.  That doesn’t mean I ignore it.  I can still bring awareness to mental illness because there’s no doubt that played a key role here.  I can still peacefully voice my opinion on gun laws.  But I want to raise my vibration as quickly as possible if I want to help at all.  

Next, focus on my HAPPY RECIPE.    

We all have things that make us happy.  If the word happy is a trigger for you exchange it for whatever you’d like, inner peace, contentment, joy. Any of those are a step up from sadness and sorrow.  To raise our vibration we need to do what makes us feel good.  What makes us happy.

Do you have a list?

If not, here’s a big bold move you can make to serve the world…. MAKE ONE NOW.

Make a list of all the little and big things that make you happy.

Here are a few things on my list to get you started.

Be outside in nature
Spending time with like minded people
Uplifting music
Dark chocolate
Listening to personal development books, podcasts, etc
Jumping on a trampoline (because who can do that and be sad?)
Red wine, specifically Freakshow cabernet #obsessed
Playing catch with Jack
Playing statue with Zoe
Date night with John
The sound of waves crashing on a beach 

I could list 100 more things.  Literally. Once you get started it will flow out of you.  Everyones list is unique.  We might have a few things the same but MANY that are totally different. One of my clients said it made her happy to wear red lipstick.  Clearly she should be putting that on EVERY MORNING.  Especially on days like this.

Now the next step is to focus on that list.  Look at that list like it’s your J.O.B.  Do as many things today as you can on that list. I might not be able to get to a beach to listen to the waves but I could watch a live video of beach waves and close my eyes and breath in the fresh air on my porch and listen to the sound. (Actually I’m gonna do that as soon as I finish this…) I can put on some fun music.  I can exercise and get out in nature.  All of those things I can do TODAY to raise my vibration.

Or I can sit around and be sad and depressed and feel sick.

Which one serves the world more?  

I’m sure you’ll join me in sending love to Las Vegas and the MANY victims of this shooting.  The families, the city, the witnesses all who’s lives will never be the same.  If we briefly feel that, and then focus on raising our vibration we can better serve them.

I’m about to head out the door to workout, in nature, listening to some amazing music.  And return refreshed and renewed.

What will YOU DO TODAY to raise your vibe?  What makes YOU happy?  

Raising my vibe,

PS I still have a few spots left in my Happi Mom Squad.  This is the sisterhood we need at times like these.  If you’re a Mom who feels the call and wants MORE, We start October 8th.  You can find all details here. https://hms2.myhappilife.com/fast-track

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