When Dreams Come True We Create a New Normal

When Dreams Come True We Create a New Normal

When dreams come true . . . .

I had a big revelation yesterday about the way we adjust our lives to suit our dreams.

I spent the day at Mindvalley.   An amazing company based in Kuala Lumpur that I’ve always dreamed of visiting.  And now I know people there, and I was hired to come teach a program to their team.   Years ago this wouldn’t even have been on my radar.   I would have never even dreamed I’d be here hanging out and teaching a program.

As I sat there, in Vishen Lashinis office I had a moment.   I DREAMED of being here.  And now I’m here.   This should be a big deal.   But it’s not anymore.

It’s amazing how we evolve and suddenly what once were dreams now become amazingly normal.   Our “new normal”.   We adjust and shift and BAM, new normal.  We launch a rocket of desire, then it happens, new normal.

Check out this quick little video to hear details . . . .

What has become your new normal?

Let’s celebrate these new normals together.

Loving this life and travel,

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