You Can Have It All

You Can Have It All

We CAN have it all.

As long as “it all” is whatever YOU want. There’s a lie we tell ourselves that we don’t deserve it. That there’s not enough to go around. That its hard. That we have to suffer to get it.
They’re all lies. Anchors we drop that hold our boat back from floating downstream. These lies are limiting beliefs that we begin to create from.
We create our reality through our thoughts, words and beliefs.
Why let those anchors hold you back any longer?
Drop the anchor and your boat will float naturally. You don’t need to pick up the oars. And paddle. Just…. let…. go.
Cut the rope of every anchor and let go. Your boat will turn and flow downstream. Downstream is where your dreams are. Focus on the end result of what you DO want.
Remove the limiting beliefs that are holding you back.
“I’m not enough.”
“I need to DO more.”
“I’ll be happy when I get________.”
“But my husband is so negative.”
“I don’t deserve it.”
“Who am I to have it all”
Let your boat do what comes naturally. Let it turn and flow with the river. Your desires are waiting there.
If you need help with this I’m here for you.

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