Makeup free. Moved to tears. Sitting in overwhelming gratitude and awe for this life.

I just wrapped up my 12 week Next Level Life Mastermind program and my 6 week Badass Life Intensive. Both on the same day. Both with women shinning and glowing in a way they never thought possible. But with more inspiration, action, and transformation than any of us ever thought to be possible.

This is why I do this. Why I sit makeup free by my fire day after day hosting accountability calls and coaching calls and getting on the phone with any woman who’s suffering.

Because this is what life is all about. Getting to the top of the mountain and helping the next one up.

This life isn’t about us. It’s about everyone whose life we touch. Whether we experience life with suffering or joy is up to us. Whether we affect others positively or negatively is up to us. If we operate from fear or lack that’s up to us.

We can get to the top of the mountain. With certainty and systems and support. Then we help the next one up. And our life has more meaning than we ever dreamed possible.

I’m sooo grateful to all of you ladies. Thank you for believing in me and believing in yourself. Now reach down. And pull the next one up.

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I Used To Be That Girl!

I Used To Be That Girl!

I used to be the girl …

The girl who drank 5 or 6 nights a week, and couldn’t say no to a party.  Who slept until noon as often as possible.  Who blew off engagements because she was hung over.

Who never worked out.  

Who never fed her mind.  

The girl who gossiped about people, and judged people.

Who ate McDonald’s, Taco Bell and White Castle.  Who drank sugar filled Starbucks drinks daily.  

Who had more self-doubt then she did belief.

Who didn’t think she was enough.  Not smart enough. Not capable enough Not worthy enough and not lovable.

Now I’m the girl…

Who wakes up early.  

Who begins her day in gratitude.  

Who reads affirmations and says them out loud.

Who meditates and visualizes, and uses a chakra kit.

Who shows up for her friends day or night or 3 am if they need her.  

Who shows up for herself and completes what she starts.  Who puts her self-care first. And makes her health a priority.

Who has more positive self-talk than negative.  

Who eats super-foods daily. Who takes supplements daily.

Who loves on her husband daily!

Who sets annual goals. Quarterly goals. Monthly goals and weekly goals.  Who tracks and measures her daily habits to stay on track.

And who will never settle for who she was before.

I’m that girl now – and if I am that girl – then anything is possible!

Who are you?

If your ready to find out, join me for the Next Level Life Mastermind.

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Choose Your Reality.

Choose Your Reality.

Walking in the woods today I cried…

Those of you that know me well won’t be surprised. My husband teases me that I cry at mall openings. 😆😍 I don’t cry at mall openings. But I do cry often. Almost every day. And it always…ALWAYS…out of gratitude and love for my life.

I cry when I FEEL this existence.

When I see the beauty in the world. When I take a deep breath and sense the essence of who I am. It overwhelms me.

I learned years ago not to get caught up in my thoughts. Not to focus on my circumstances. That who I am is beyond all that. And I experience what I choose to experience. I feel what I choose to feel. Even in hard times (and believe me, I’ve had plenty) I can find a way to be grateful. And see the beauty.

Sure it’s easy to be grateful and love your life on a beach. Or in the woods. Or at a wedding. Or holding a baby. It’s much harder in traffic. (But I do that too.) Or when a babies crying. (Yep. Been there.) Or when you feel stuck or unhappy or like your husband isn’t holding up his end of the deal. See I’ve made up all those stories too. And found my way out of them. Because they’re just that. Stories. They’re only thoughts in our head. They’re not reality.

We choose our reality.

And I choose my reality to be one based in gratitude and love for my life. It’s all a choice. A POWERFUL choice.

While driving home from our lake house I went through the drive-through at Starbucks. The man over the speaker was so kind and sweet. And when I saw him in person he was soulful and loving. While just handing me a green tea. And so I cried. Again. So grateful that I got to experience that beauty. 

Nothing else matters. It’s all just a dream. A movie. Playing in our head. And we write the script.

If you don’t like your life. Change your thoughts. Change your perspective. Write a new script.

It’s ALL possible.

And I’m here if you need me…I’ll be crying. 😊

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