6 Tips to Get HAPPIER

6 Tips to Get HAPPIER

I shot this video in my Badass Mom Society Facebook group in response to a lot of questions regarding happiness. That’s what we’re all after right?  I know it seems like we should just ‘be happy’ but then we feel like we’re missing something because true happiness is not that easily attained.   


In this short video, I share 6 tips you can instantly use that will help you get happier starting TOMORROW.  Tip #3 is sooo easy you’re gonna smack yourself on the head! LOL 

Want more help implementing these tips? If you need more tools to help you enjoy a happy life, I have another round of The Badass Mindset Mini-Course on sale now. Join us and make each day happier than the next.  As an added bonus I’m including my Unstoppable Life Training when you join the 21 Day Badass Mindset Mini Course.  It’s a 45 minute $97 training you’ll get for FREE when you join us. Just click this link to be a part of this mini course.

Here’s WHY  You DON’T Have What You WANT….

Here’s WHY You DON’T Have What You WANT….

I am HOT about this topic.  Because I’ve been there.  I’ve been in that place where I wasn’t manifesting what I wanted and I had NO idea why.  I knew about the basics of LOA and that like energy attracts like energy.  I had some big dreams and goals.  I did plenty of vision boards. But I wasn’t manifesting.  Now that I’ve been doing this for almost 3 decades I know why.  

In this quick video I break this down:  If you DON’T have what you WANT.  You’re most likely doing one of these 3 things.  Check out the video and identify which of those 3 things you’re doing and how it’s keeping you back from a life you really love.  

We know what we need.  We need more tools and more teachings so we can feel really confident and have a garage full of the right tools that will get us where we want to be.  We need to control our triggers, master our mindset and take our power back.  What we’re missing is the coaching, the community and the accountability.  

I have a 21 Day Badass Mindset Mini Course starting soon.  You can join this Badass group of women on this powerful journey for 50% off for a limited time.  For only $97 you’ll get 21 days worth of tools to help you climb up your mountain (where all your dreams live) and achieve all the things you want to achieve in this life. The best part is you’ll have a sisterhood to cheer you on along the way.  This is the same content I teach in my high-end masterminds and make sure every one of my clients has this strong foundation to build their goals on. I’ll be jumping in to do lots of FB lives too….   

I hope you’ll join us. 

How’s your state today. Are you finding the beauty?

How’s your state today. Are you finding the beauty?

How’s your state today?  Are you focusing on all the beauty in the world?  

Watch this short video to hear some strategies that are working for me to get in the best state and get through these hard times.

You asked…. and it is given. Due to popular demand, we are starting our first Badass Mom Book Club. And I couldn’t be more excited about it. It’s an author’s dream to host a book club for her very own book.

If you’re looking for some support, some coaching, and more community during these trying times I hope you’ll join us. We’ll be meeting on Zoom weekly and discussing one “Awakening” from the book per week. Even if you can’t make the call you’ll get the recording and can still participate. Join here