A New Story is Yours to Write

A New Story is Yours to Write

Our reality starts by writing a new story.

I have found what works. I have the tools. I have the sisterhood. I have the support and the coaching and this is making a difference.  One big thing for me to create the life that I love is to believe that it’s possible.

I have to believe that what I’m doing is going to work, that I deserve it, that I am worthy.  Belief is the masterpiece that’s under all of those categories.

Belief is so important.

We’re going down a new path and thinking new thoughts:

  • I am healthy
  • I’m healing
  • I’ve got this
  • I believe in myself
  • I can do this
  • I am worthy
  • I am deserving
  • I am enough.

And guess what happens?

The neurons in your brain begin to fire towards something new and positive and exciting.

Did you know that a positive, healthy thought is 100 times more powerful than a negative thought?  There is a spirit and energy to your thoughts and when we deliberately insert new, positive ones, we can re-wire our own thinking. We’re creating new neurological pathways, and new mental and emotional pathways every day.

I would like you to start thinking about what you really want in your lifetime.

What does your new meadow look like?

What do you want to create for yourself?  Who do you want to be(come)?  What would you like to DO? What would YOU like to have?

Write it down in your journal.  Reach for the stars.  Make your meadow as beautiful as you possibly can.

I would love to help you on the journey.

Give me 12 weeks–and together, we’ll write your new story. You are worth it. You deserve it.
Just listen to these badass mamas share their breakthroughs.

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How to Create A New Path that Leads to Your Vision of Life

How to Create A New Path that Leads to Your Vision of Life

How do you shift your thinking when it falls out of alignment? That is bound to happen now and then.

Up until now, we’ve been operating in our lives by following our habits.  Those habits have created a path in the forest that is our mind.

I’ve created a path for myself through that forest. It takes me to a clearing which had a certain level of contentment and happiness.  It included some frustration and dissatisfaction in my relationships.

The same can be said about my health and fitness.  The path had taken me to where I was and I wasn’t satisfied.

If I want to get to a new clearing, to the beautiful new meadow over there, I have no choice but to create a new path.  I have to blaze a new trail.

The same path that I’ve already worn, that’s already been created and the one I’ve always followed, is not going to get me to the beautiful meadow.  I desperately want to reach the clearing in the forest that holds all the lovely flowers of my relationship, the beautiful trees of my parenting and the babbling brook of my health and fitness along with the pretty butterflies for my business.

What do you really want?

I want to show up as the best mom that I can be.

A really epic love relationship is something I desire. I want to be so connected to my husband and have great sex. I want to fall in love with him over and over again, every day.

I want to be in the best shape of my life and be in a bikini all the time and be rocking my body at 48 years old.

My mission is to help and to serve more women.  I want to show women that life’s not all suffering. I want to help them live the life of their dreams and I want to do that in a big way. I want to help young girls know that they can be, do and have anything they want in their life.  I want to help more women step out of their feelings of overwhelm and step into more daily lasting happiness.

I want to create a community of women around me that are so badass and so amazing that they support every huge dream we share and celebrate every win – both massive and minuscule.

I want to be close with my family, close with my friends and community that live locally and connected to friends and community that live all around the world.

I want to travel and have epic experiences.

Those awesome and amazing elements are all features of the meadow in the forest that I have to get to.

What does your meadow look like?

Everyone’s is a little different.

Stephanie two point zero wants to go down the path to the new clearing. But here’s the thing, new tools are necessary to dig through the forest to get to that clearing. There’s not a worn-down easy path from here to there.

There’s a worn-down easy path that got me to the place in my life that I’ve always lived in.  It’s an old and familiar clearing.  That clearing wasn’t so pretty.  It held the weeds of frustration and the dying tree stumps of overwhelm and yelling. I was yelling at my kids all the time.  I was on the path of least resistance, one where I felt I wasn’t enough and where I was willing to settle for a crummy relationship.

That path has already well-worn and dug out and easy to follow because I’ve thought those thoughts over and over and over again.

So now I want to get to a new place.  The beautiful meadow that I know is there because I planned out the new clearing. I can see it through the trees because I’ve been doing a little bit of work and I’ve been getting clear about what I really want.

How do I get to the new place?

I need tools to start chopping down the trees and the overgrowth.  I need to break a new trail and clear the way.

Those exact tools are the ones I’ll be sharing with you in Badass Life Intensive. We’re going to talk about canceled processes and gratitude and your state and getting into the feeling place and how to best use all these new tools.

Your Tool-Belt Will Be Full

You’ll be picking up this ax and that sledgehammer and you’ll be chopping through the underbrush and cutting away the trees on your way to your beautiful meadow.

Here’s what I’ve found as I’ve begun to blaze a trail through the forest to the new meadow:  There are a lot of trees that need to be cleared and another big tree up there that takes a LOT of work and energy and then just when I think I’m through, Holy Shit, there’s a path over here that’s a lot easier to follow and I tend to jump back onto the worn down path that’s already cleared and easy to follow.

We have to remember that the simple path will not get us to that clearing.

The things that you’ve done in the past, the thoughts that occupied your mind and the feelings you felt are not going to get you to the big desired end result.

The beautiful meadow is over there.  We’ve got to think new thoughts. We’ve got to do different things and that might mean getting out your journal and writing about what you really want.  It might mean joining this program and inviting a friend to come along for the journey.  It will mean doing the homework, writing new affirmations and stating them every morning.  It will mean utilizing all these new tools in your tool-belt that I’m going to teach you.

But Guess What?  It’ll be worth it.

It will all work beautifully because new patterns and habits will be formed and a new path through the forest to the pristine meadow will be forged.

Once you create your new path, it gets easier to follow.

Meanwhile, the old path becomes so overgrown that it’s impossible to follow that one.  You don’t want to go down that path anymore.

Setbacks may still occur and you may just find yourself slugging it out on the old path, but you won’t stay there long.  It’s harder to keep digging yourself out.  You’ll find your way back to the new path even quicker next time.  You’ll use your new tools and clear a new way forward.

Learn more about the Badass Life Intensive here. 

I’ll see you there.


Overcoming the Challenges of being Mom with a Morning Routine

Overcoming the Challenges of being Mom with a Morning Routine

I get it. I so get it.  Life can be hard.

Life can be tough at any time, but as a mom it’s especially so.  We have these whole other layers of guilt, fear, shame busyness and overwhelm simply because we’re a mom.

Being fully and completely responsible for so much more than just ourselves takes a toll on us.

Thankfully, I have a great morning routine.  Each morning, I have a process that I follow to get myself into an awesome state first so I can handle the challenges that’ll come my way every day as a busy mom.

I’ll share what happened to me the other morning:

An introductory call was set up and on my schedule with a gentleman in Bali.  I knew he was considering involving me in his upcoming project as a Law of Attraction Coach and I was very excited to learn more about it.

30 minutes before the call, I made the mistake of deciding to wash and brush my daughter’s hair.  She has super curly hair and hates to brush it out so it’s always a big task.  As I was doing her hair, I was thinking to myself, “Oh, my gosh, what am I thinking?”

Just as I finished up, the call comes in and I had to rush my daughter out of the room.  Of course, she didn’t think we were finished and took to banging on the other side of the door for my attention.  All she wanted was for me to braid a lock of her hair but her timing was way off.

I had to retreat into my Morning Routine

Breathe in.  Breathe out.  Stay Calm.

It turned out to be a wonderful call.  At the end of it, I won the result I was after:  the man from Bali invited me to be a coach on his amazing documentary that’ll teach women how to manifest their ideal life vision.  How perfect is that?  Can you feel how excited I am about it?

As soon as we finished up the call, I went to check on my daughter and ask if she was OK. By that time though, she’d completely forgotten what she was upset about.  When I asked her if she wanted a piece of her hair braided, she came back with “Oh yeah, no big deal.”

Just to amp up the stress factor, we also had an overflowing toilet this morning.

Plus our stolen car that went missing a couple of weeks ago, was just found last night.

Sometimes I feel like if it’s going to happen, it’ll happen to me.

So I get it. That all happened.  So much stress.

I have just as many challenges as any Mom out there.

What I wanted to share with you today is that I’ve found a way to move through those challenges with as much peace and joy as possible.

I know that you totally get it and I totally get you.

You are not alone!  That’s what the Badass Mom Society is all about. I would love to hear from you there!