How You Can Get into a Belief Mindset and Achieve your Dreams

How You Can Get into a Belief Mindset and Achieve your Dreams

I’ve been talking to many of my clients lately about a belief mindset and it’s been such a hot topic that I want to share it with you.

What do I mean by a “Belief Mindset?”

A belief mindset is getting into that space mentally where you truly believe that the things you want to create, all that you desire and want to manifest is possible.  Not in an ‘If’ way either.   In a ‘When’ way.

When we’re not in a belief mindset, we’re in a lack or a limit mindset.

How you can tell if you’re in a Belief or a Limit Mindset

When you think about something that you want and the little voice pops up to says “Yeah, yeah…like that’ll ever happen” or “that costs too much money” or “You’ll never have enough time,” or you’re pulled back into reality with “but people are going to judge me.”   You’re hanging out with your limiting beliefs.

Those negative limiting beliefs are anchors weighing you down and holding you back from all the greatness you can achieve.

On the other hand, the belief mindset will get you to where you want to be.  Belief will help you achieve your desires by keeping you focused on possibility and what you can make happen.

So how can we build belief and get into that belief mindset?

I’ve been working on answering that exact question for many years and what I’ve learned is that the belief has to come first.

When I believed last year that I could triple my income and my business, I broke it down into believable components.  I believed that my courses and trainings would fill up easily. I believed that I’d be hired to speak and to deliver programs and paid for my expertise to host masterminds.  I also believed that my 22-year relationship with my husband would improve as a result too.

When I believed that I could get in the best shape of my life, I did.

Your BELIEF Determines Your Reality.

Our lives are shaped through our beliefs.  Our thoughts, words and feelings all flow from that belief.

I’ve learned that if I can get into that belief mindset and really feel that thing that I desire as if it has already come about, then it’s game over.  It’s a done deal. All of the ‘How Questions’ disappear as solution after solution come about to make it all happen.

So many of my clients (and I’m guilty of this too) have been trapped in the ‘How To’s.’  We get stopped up with questions:

  • How will I create that business structure?
  • How will I make this work?
  • How will I create a workable action plan?

Hope is not a plan.

We can make plans to achieve our goal but I’ve learned to avoid becoming firmly attached to the plans.

It’s important to have a firm goal AND to be flexible with the plan.  There are infinite numbers of solutions to help you achieve your goal and the path you set upon to get to it, may not be the one that actually leads you to it.  You may have to find a shortcut, you may end up on the low road instead of the high one…just don’t get stuck in the quicksand. Keep moving forward, adjust the plan as you need to.  

Get attached to the big dream, the desire, the result you want to reach.   

More important still:  Become supremely attached to how you want to feel when you reach your destination…because THAT FEELING is what will motivate you to get there – through the darkness, over the hurdles, and yes, the FEELING will even help you solve the quicksand challenge.  

The belief mindset can create miracles.  

That’s the mindset that can move mountains. How you think and what you feel can manifest things in our life beyond your wildest dreams – things you never even planned.  The belief mindset will take you beyond your big dreams even.

One of my clients and very good friends just manifested her dream job beyond what she could have ever imagined even though she’d started out with limiting beliefs and a mindset of lack holding her back.

With some training, some inner work and a shift to positive affirmations, she came to believe that she deserved her dream job and that she could make it happen.  She believed it was possible for her. She aligned, aligned, aligned, and guess what??? Her efforts were rewarded. It happened. She was offered her dream job and when she called me with the joyful news… I was the one crying and expressing gratitude to HER for sharing her journey with me.  It’s a beautiful place to be.

How can you get into that belief mindset?

Another strategy that I use to build my belief and get into the belief mindset is to surround myself with people who’ve done the things that I want to do.  If they’ve done it, then I know it’s possible. If I hang out with them, their knowledge and expertise will come my way and I appreciate their mentorship.  Successful people speak success and I’m an eternal sponge.  I’ve learned to never have too much ego so as to miss the lessons of other people’s successes and failures. Those are invaluable.

The same success principle applies across the board

If you want to learn a new skill-set or pick up a new talent – find someone who’s done it with excellence and emulate them.  

I wanted to start a business.  What did I do?   I surrounded myself with other entrepreneurs who have grown successful businesses.

If you want to learn an instrument, hang out with a musician – one who’s mastered the instrument of your choice.  If you want to be a coach, you surround yourself with coaches who’ve developed successful coaching businesses. Investing in real estate? It would be prudent to chat with a few people who’ve made fortunes in real estate.  Want to get a dog? Talked to someone who owns the breed you’re considering.

So what can you do to believe first?

That is a beautiful question to ask yourself.

If you’d like some more tools to help you with this particular dilemma, I have a 21-Day Bad Ass Mom Mindset program starting on January 21st.  It’s only $11 to get registered and you’ll get 21 days worth of awesome tools plus more powerful, positive belief mindset talks.

Believe, believe, believe that’s my word for 2019 and I’m excited to talk to you more about it.  Contact me if you’d like to join me and I hope you’re having a beautiful day.

How You FEEL Matters.

How You FEEL Matters.

How Feelings Manifest Our Reality

We manifest our reality not just from our thoughts – (Sooo sooo important), not just from our words – (Equally as important).  But also from our feelings. In fact, I think how we FEEL is the most important of all.

It’s the feeling that we’re after anyway right?

We all want to FEEL better.  We want more inner peace. We want more joy. We want more happiness and contentment.  We don’t want the stress and the drama. We don’t want the hustle.

What we’re after is what the hustle brings. It brings freedom and ease. But only if we let it, and we let it by feeling first.

You see, it’s not when you have it all that you’ll finally be HAPPY, it’s when you’re HAPPY that you’ll actually have it all.

Our feelings matter. 

Now I know what you’re thinking… here come the “yea buts”…

“Yea but my husband is so negative”

“Yea but my job sucks”

“Yea but I don’t have any money or time or support”

All those “Yea buts” place an order.

When you think that and focus on that and FEEL that you’ll get more of it.

You need a clean slate.

You need to start FEELING how you want to feel. And you need to feel it now. Time is running out.

Don’t wait another minute to feel better. You have to start today.

What can you do today to FEEL better?

If you need support, join me in the Badass Mom Society. This is what I do. I’ve got this mastered.


Prepare for the New Year: 4 Simple Steps to Manifest Anything

Prepare for the New Year: 4 Simple Steps to Manifest Anything

We all want to create the life of our dreams, right?

With the New Year right around the corner we’re all focusing on making this our BEST YEAR YET.

So here are the basics…..

If you are familiar with the basics of the law of attraction, then you know how to use it. You know that thoughts become things. You know that your thoughts place an order and you know that what you focus on you’ll get more of. It’s that simple, right?

So why isn’t it working?  Feels a little empty I know.

Even if we KNOW our thoughts become things there are still things we WANT.  Why aren’t we ALL living the life of our dreams?

Sometimes we try and try to manifest a certain thing…. a certain relationship…..a certain weight……a new job……more money……a speaking gig at your favorite conference (ok maybe that’s just me). But why hasn’t it happened yet?

Here’s a great tool that will help you.

I created these 4 simple steps to help you go deeper.  To help you finally manifest your dreams, desires and goals and watch them leap into your life. You’ll experience the jubilation of that dream come true and you’ll more thoroughly enjoy the journey.

I created these 4 simple steps to help you go deeper.  To help you finally manifest your dreams, desires and goals and watch them leap into your life. This is the behind the scene secret to the law of attraction.

Are you ready for change? For the 2017 of your DREAMS? Then buckle up and let’s get started….

Step #1. Get excited and KNOW that it will come!

The first and probably most important step in this 4 step process is GET EXCITED! Really get excited! Let’s pretend that I’m a world renowned psychic and I just looked into your very near future and told you that your most treasured dreams, your most sought after goals are happening to you right now. They’ve been ordered and they’ve been shipped. They’ll be arriving shortly. What would you do? Would you celebrate? Would you jump for joy? You would par-tay! You would get excited. You would think holy cow it’s actually happening. So get in that feeling place get excited and KNOW that it will come. Have faith, stay strong and celebrate its arrival.

Step #2. Change your thoughts by any means possible.

So this step is very important and usually a little challenging for people. You see, you can’t expect great things when you’re thinking lousy thoughts. So if you have any negative or contradictory thoughts to that big manifestation you’re working towards you MUST change those thoughts. How do I change those thoughts you ask? Well, there are a lot of options here. Choose one that works for you. You can first try and stamp “cancel” on the thought when it comes up. Use this great phrase shared with me by my friend and teacher Andy Dooley. “Stop cancel clear, I have nothing to fear, all my love is here.” You can repeat powerful affirmations, write affirmations daily, read affirmations daily. You can read books that inspire you, surround yourself with people who inspire you. You can do things you love. Redirect your thought to something you love. You can also try the very effective and profound work of Byron Katie which teaches you to inquire on the stressful thought, ask four questions and then turn it around. Look into more ways to change those negative thoughts and change them by any means possible. Your thoughts MUST align with your dreams. So think good thoughts, stay positive and remember those thoughts are creating things in your life.

Step #3. Be grateful for where you are and appreciate every little success.

Soak in gratitude. Bathe in appreciation. Be overwhelmingly grateful for exactly where you are. After all there is a lot to be thankful for isn’t there? You have everything you need at this perfect moment in time. Be grateful for every little success. For the fact that you’re here, you’re breathing, you’re smiling, you’re manifesting. You have created the right and perfect life that you have around you right now. And if you want to enhance that perfect life, you have to be grateful for it. Celebrate every success, appreciate every success. From that parking space to the smell of coffee soak it all in and FEEL grateful.

Step #4. Do what makes you happy and let it flow.

Now, here’s the fun part, sit back, smile and allow it all in. The key to allowing that manifestation into your life right now and for good is to FEEL GOOD! It’s that easy. Be happy. Do what you love. Do every little thing that makes you happy and you’re bound to feel good. When you’re laughing, when you’re smiling, when you could do what you’re doing all day then you’re in the flow. There’s nothing that can stop you. You’re powerful beyond measure. And in that happy state of mind you’re manifestations are moving at the speed of light. You’ve done it. It’s here. Sit back and enjoy it!

Mike Dooley author of the great book Infinite Possibilities says “Thoughts Become Things!” And Wayne Dyer eloquently teaches “you create your thoughts, your thoughts create your intentions, your intentions create your reality.” Get excited, change your thoughts, be grateful and be happy. You’ll find joy in the journey and you’ll be living the life of your dreams!

I will be hosting some virtual and live 2017 Planning Parties.  Email me if you’d like to attend. And I have a 4 part audio series diving deep into this process even more.  The first 5 people to email me will get that $47 program for free.  Tis the season.

Wishing you ALL your dreams come true