Core Values #2: Personal Power

Core Values #2: Personal Power

I hope you saw my post yesterday introducing core values and how important they are when it comes to living our best lives.  Today I want to share my second core value with you and how I EMBODY and show up with these core values.  Yesterday I talked about radical acceptance.  If that’s not a concept you get yet, check out that post.  Today I want to talk about something totally different…

Core Value #2…. Personal Power

Four years ago I had a spiritual awakening.  To make a long story very short it was basically a dream, or some kind of divine guidance, that told me I already had it all.  In so many words it said the following….

You already are all you need to be.
You already have it all.
You are all you desire to be.
You’re gifted.
You’re talented.
You are light.
You are love.
You are energy.
You are infinite.
You are everything.
You have the power within you to move mountains.
You can and you will manifest everything you’ve ever wanted.
Just by being you, you are powerful, beyond measure. 


I woke up with this KNOWINGNESS.  With what felt like a secret and with an awakening like “Oh yea….that’s right. I am the light.  I just forgot for a while.” With that spiritual awakening fresh in my awareness, I started acting differently.  I started walking around in my own power. I started showing up as ALL THAT I AM. I started unapologetically loving my life and doing what I love.  In that order.

I really started showing up more for myself first, and my family, social situations and on social media. Everyone started to notice.  They thought I had re-branded or that I was on medication or something. Really! Like something is wrong with people who are owning their shit – people who are standing in their power with confidence and certainty.  I was high on my own supply – on my personal power supply. 


AND… personal power for me has a flip side. 

core values

It’s not just about owning our own personal power and light.  (Because, PS and DUH, this isn’t reserved only for me, OBVIOUSLY you are the light too.) It’s also about owning our shit.  It’s taking 100% responsibility for EVERYTHING, even our shortcomings, our character defects, our fears and limiting beliefs, the way we play small, our triggers and our meanness.  ALL OF IT. 


Personal power to me means owning it ALL: the good, the bad, the ugly and the conscious and enlightened parts of us. 


So how does personal power help me show up in life?  Showing up and embodying our core values is the next step in our evolution.  And for me, personal power shows up as COMMITMENT. Committing to being my true authentic self.  Committing to showing up as my BEST self. Committing to owning my personal power and BEING that in life.  Committing to owning my shit and working on that in life. Commitment is the showing up word. 


Do you feel like you own your personal power?  Can you kick it up a notch?  I know I can. We are ALL powerful beyond measure! 


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