Day 4 – The Belief Challenge

Day 4 – The Belief Challenge

Believe in Love

In other words, go all in.

When I met John I wasn’t ready to go all in. I fell in love with him but I didn’t trust it. Or him. Or me.

I had a lot of doubts about marriage and relationships. I doubted who I was and where I was going in life.

Needless to say, it didn’t serve our relationship at all.

I remember the day I decided to go all in.

We weren’t married yet. Or even engaged for that matter. We were flying on a plane and I don’t remember where our destination was. He was sitting next to the window, his head on my shoulder, sleeping. We’d been dating for a long time. Maybe 7 years. It wasn’t perfect. There was a lot of drama. But we were still together. We never really considered being apart.

Up until then, we also weren’t ready to go all in. 

I was writing in my journal and thinking about living life with no regrets. Looking over at John sleeping, I realized in that instant that I’d regret not marrying him. I would regret not going all in.

So I made a choice:  To believe in love. To believe in us.

And it worked. Our relationship works when we’re both all in.

Believing in love is key.

Are you all in?

How do you show it?

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