If you want MORE I totally get it…

First of all…it’s OK.

It’s OK to want MORE.  Even as a mom with amazing kids it’s OK to WANT MORE.

Now that that’s out of the way… (step aside mom guilt) I have MORE to say.

You also don’t need to settle for LESS.

Yep.  I said it.  STOP SETTLING.

Stop settling for less joy
Stop settling for overwhelm
Stop settling for a relationship that’s not as romantic as you want it to be
Stop settling in a space where you yell every damn day
Stop settling for a job you don’t love
Stop living in a  house you don’t love
Stop eating food you don’t love
Stop living a life where you’re settling for less than you DESERVE 

Ut oh, now we’re opening up a whole new can of worms…here come the unworthy thoughts and feelings.

I get it. You are not alone!

But deep down inside I WANT MORE.  And even deeper down I KNOW I DESERVE MORE.

If you know that too.  Then it’s time.

It’s time to expect MORE!  

MORE out of life!
MORE from your health.
MORE from your relationships.
MORE from your parenting.
MORE from yourself.
MORE laughter.
MORE balance.

See, we KNOW we are in control. But this Mom journey sometimes has us feeling WAY out of control.

And its time to take back control.

Because WE create our THOUGHTS. Our THOUGHTS create our INTENTIONS. And our INTENTIONS create our REALITY.

It’s that simple. Not easy. But that simple.

In my Happi Mom Squad, we take back control.

Of our WORDS
Of our negative self talk
Of our limiting beliefs
Of our STATE
Of our LIVES
Of our happiness!

Because THIS is the type of Mom that we want to BE.  THIS is the type of Mom our kids deserve.  This is the type of mom who’s living a life we’re all striving for.  THIS is the type of Mom the world needs more of.

If you’re a Mom on a mission and you want MORE we know how you feel. And we’re here to climb with you.


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