On Getting What You Want

On Getting What You Want

In college, my roommate applied for a college program at Walt Disney World. It sounded awesome so I applied too.  They came to EIU to interview everyone and I still remember what I wore for the interview.  I wore a white turtleneck and a red sweater. 

I had a great interview. The women I interviewed with seemed to love me.

A few weeks later, we got a letter. My roommate was accepted and I WAS NOT.

What?! I was shocked.

How could they not accept me? I was totally Disney material. I’d already been planning on doing the job. The minute I’d heard about applying for the program, I considered it done.

Clearly, they weren’t on board with my plan.

I remember getting mad. And then sad. I even threw myself a mini pity party. F them. They don’t know what they’re missing!!!

And then it hit me.

They really don’t know what they’re missing.

So I called to tell them. I talked to everyone who would listen. I explained that I was Disney material. That this must have been a mistake. That I was already planning on it. That I would work SO hard. They would be so happy if they hired me.

I begged. I pleaded. I stated my case.

And you know what happened next? They hired me.

They finally gave in. And said “Fine. Come on down.”

I did not take “NO” for an answer.  I followed my heart, stepped up with courage and made my dream come true.

It was a great lesson in going after and getting what you want.

Nothing is ever impossible.

What do you want? Can you go after it?

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