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“Your happiness videos gave me just the boost I needed! Thank you Steffani!”
– Krystle Rowry, Los Angeles, CA


Happi Mom Squad Fast Track

"Steffani is simply beyond! I am grateful to have her in my life as a mentor, life coach, accountability partner, confidant, & friend. No matter what challenging situation I am dealing with, she meets me where I'm at, without judgement, to offer a different perspective, raise my vibe, and call me to be the highest version of the greatest vision of myself. She also deserves credit for introducing me to countless books, spiritual guides, and thought leaders who have shaped who I am today."
- Lindsey Fox
"Steffani has had a tremendous positive influence in my life. She has reached a level of mastery in body, mind and spirit. She has created an amazing life for herself. When I grow up I want to be just like her! I highly recommend her services to all!!!"
- Annemarie Nuccio
"You immediately feel comfortable opening up to Steffani Lefevour. She is an incredible listener and her presence is warm and compassionate. She has an incredible ability to lead you to a broader perspective that allows you to see the situation completely different from when you walked in the door. She takes you from a place of anger, confusion, and self searching to a place of gratitude, positivity, and new focus. Steffani’s coaching is supportive, friendly, and free of judgment. She talks with you, not at you and relates her life experience. Through her skilled questions, exercises, and guided self discovery, Steffani coaches you through embarking on the next steps on a journey of “living the life of your dreams.” And best of all – it works!"
- Jackie Keane
"I absolutely loved our session last week. I feel so fortunate that you came into my life. I love life coaching! I've done therapy for years, and I've never gotten more out of a session than I did with you, so thank you!
- Emily Aube



If you want MORE I totally get it…

First of all…it’s OK. It’s OK to want MORE.  Even as a mom with amazing kids it’s OK to WANT MORE. Now that that’s out of the way… (step aside mom guilt) I have MORE to say. You also don’t need to settle for LESS. Yep.  I said it.  STOP SETTLING. Stop settling for less…

What you can do about BAD NEWS…

This news makes me sick.   I try not to watch the news but you can’t escape it.   I woke up this morning with my husband sharing the news of another mass shooting this time in Las Vegas.  And my stomach literally hurts.  I get thrown off my routine.  I feel sad and depressed.  I can’t…



My sister in law passed away yesterday. She was sick for a LONG time. And she wasn’t a part of our everyday lives due to her choices in this lifetime. But it’s never easy. You always feel a loss no matter the circumstances. She was only 48 years old. What a tragedy. A life ending…

A Guide To Happiness

A Guide To Happiness

Happiness. It can be a loaded word for some… For most of my life, that word seemed just out of reach. When you’re growing up in a Midwest middle income household.  With 3 older sisters and one younger brother, you basically only wear hand me downs for your entire childhood.  That does not equate to…

You are not alone… I know how you feel.

You are not alone… I know how you feel.

Recently I felt overwhelmed.  I had too much on my plate for one women to handle.  I didn’t want to get out of bed and face my day and all the challenges that we’re headed my way. There was a mountain to climb and I just wasn’t up for the task.   Have you ever…

How To Prepare Your Kids While You’re Away

How To Prepare Your Kids While You’re Away

If you read my blog last week about Why Moms Need To Travel  you know I’m an advocate of Moms traveling solo. I travel for work and pleasure often.  And have found a WONDERFUL way to prepare the kids, and our whole family for my time away.  (Tips on Mommy guilt coming later…) Here are…


About Steffani

Happiness starts within. It’s all a choice and a mindset. No matter what your circumstances you CAN be happier then you are right now.

My passion and purpose is to help busy women transform their relationships and their lives by focusing on what they want, dissipating their limiting beliefs and learning how to live happier on a daily basis.

I’ve created the life of my DREAMS. By focusing on my happiness on a daily basis. I can help you live a happier life starting now.